Billie Faiers left mortified by son on ‘jam-packed’ flight before lavish Dubai holiday

Billie Faires had a rather awkward parent moment with her son while on a plane as they headed on a recent holiday. The former The Only Way is Essex star is mum to Arthur, five, and daughter Nelly, eight, who she shares with husband Greg Shepherd.

She has revealed how she was left mortified when her son decided to shout out “pigs b***s” at the top of his voice during their flight to Dubai on a family holiday earlier this month.

But Billie, 32, admitted that the more she told her son to stop and to behave himself, the more he shouted out and unfortunately, the louder he got.

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Recalling the embarrassing journey on her podcast The Sam & Billie Show, which she co-hosts with younger sister Samantha Faiers, she said she was left managing her two children on the flight while her other half Greg was sat on his own across the aisle with his headphones in after they had to split up because of their seats.

“Greg done his usual and just watched movies the whole way, I was sat in the middle of Nellie and Arthur,” she said, as she told how her daughter slept peacefully on the flight while her son was the one causing the mischief.

“It was like he was on a mission to wind me up on the whole journey… having these mad outbursts,” Billie explained. “Arthur then started shouting out on the flight ‘pig’s b***s’. It was a packed flight, like literally jam-packed, everyone was looking and it was really, really quiet on the plane as well.”

Billie with Greg and their two children in Dubai

While Sam had a little giggle at her sister’s expense, Billie, who stars on ITVBE in Greg and Billie’s Family Diaries, continued: “Greg was none the wiser with his headphones on. Because I was telling him off, he was doing it more

“Everyone was sort of looking above the seat across the plane and I was sort of like hiding — I was just embarrassed. But other than that, the journey was fine.”

And the family did enjoy their lavish holiday in Dubai over the Easter break with Billie and Greg sharing glimpses of their trip with fans as they posted series of photos on Instagram. Last month Billie discussed how she was left furious after a stranger smacked her child on a flight. the ‘angriest she has ever been on a flight’ when Arthur, who was three at the time, was scolded by a fellow passenger travelling back from Dubai.

Billie says her son was having a tantrum and kicked the back of the woman’s chair as she tried to soothe him. But the mother-of-two was shocked when the woman turned around and ‘smacked’ her boy.