Britain’s Got Talent fans say creepy act ‘scariest thing they’ve ever seen on show’

Britain’s Got Talent fans love a scary act and viewers were blown away as a witch terrifed the judges on Saturday night’s episode. The creepy character appeared in a puff of smoke holding an apple.

They then carried a bag of the fruit to the judges’ panel and the witch asked each of the judges, apart from Simon Cowell, to choose an apple. David Walliams and then Alesha Dixon took a bite without incident on the ITV talent show.

But when they reached Amanda Holden the witch placed an apple in each of her hands and told her “your destiny will be chosen by another.” Simon then had to pick for her, and after he chose ‘right’ she took a bite.

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Then there were screams of terror as the witch appeared to convulse before crushing the other apple into a revolting ball of maggots and cockroaches that spilled out onto the desk. The witch then disappeared as abruptly as they appeared in a flash of light.

Alesha fled the desk declaring: “Oh I can’t.” And Simon said the act was “horrific.” However the dumfounded judges award ‘four yeses’ to the witch who left them wanting to see more.

Viewers pointed out an edging on the desk

“I was scared to death. I’d quite like to see what’s going to happen in future,” said Amanda. And in a comical moment Simon was left talking to the cockroaches. “I don’t know how you did that,” he told them. “Maybe we’ll see you in the finals.”

@littleARTPOPx tweeted: “What the hell was that!? Just so incredible and scary.” And @davidemmaone said: “Glad that was shown after the watershed. Kids be pooping themselves. My 10 year old was behind a pillow.”

Paul_Berney said: “I need new underpants! Scariest thing I’ve ever seen on #BGT.” And @lizziegraham37 messaged: “I have still got that in my head. Need to watch a other show before I go to bed.”