Charlotte Dawson slams ‘heartbreaking’ claims as she flaunts incredible weight loss transformation

Charlotte Dawson has slammed claims she has had surgery to aid her incredible weight loss.

The reality TV star has been showing off her new figure after dropping 4.5 stone following a health scare.

Charlotte, who was a size 14-16 and weighed 12.5 stone, changed her lifestyle after a doctor told her that her diet risked her developing Type 2 diabetes.

The comments hit home for the 29-year-old as her dad, the late legendary comic Les Dawson, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes before his death when Charlotte was just eight months old.

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Charlotte was previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her son, Noah, a common condition that affects one in 20 pregnant women.

She has previously said being told she could develop the same condition as her dad was a “wakeup call to start getting fit.”

The mum-of-one has since been sharing her before and after shots on Instagram as well as allowing fans into her fitness journey.

“Check out my chuffin transformation!!” she shared with her followers alongside a video of her dancing around before to rocking a two-piece bikini in full-glam now.

“What a belter! Can you believe they’re both me?! I absolutely loved my beautiful belleh…

Charlotte’s message on Instagram

“But I’m loving this journey I’ve been on for the last 6 months, making the health and lifestyle changes I thought I could never do…

“I don’t want this to all sound like I’m showing off, but I’m proper proud of where I’ve got to after my diabetes scare earlier this year…

“I’m still the real Chazza that you all know & love I just don’t go to the chippeh everyday now!!”

But as she posted more about her transformation, Charlotte was hit with negative comments.

Hitting back, she posted on her Instagram Story: “I’m honestly heartbroken by the negativity n disgusting comments I’m getting.. saying I’ve had lip & surgery…

“I’ve never had surgery in my life.

“What is wrong with bettering my health & lifestyle I don’t get it.. I’ll got back to eating s**t everyday & having diabetes.

“Sorry that I wanted to share my journey with you all…”

But Charlotte didn’t let that stop her and she posted another video of her rocking some revealing workout gear.

“If you have nothing nice to say please don’t comment on my posts you will get blocked…” she wrote alongside the post. “These are the best ones ‘im only funny when I was fat’ ‘your funny faces are only funny when you were fat’ …

“I’m still Chazza the real funny bird just I’ve lost timber for the right reasons!!! For my health.. and I’m proud I still have a bit of my mum tum & my stretch marks. “

She added: “Only being positive now. I can now run around after Noah.”

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