Cheryl tells how late Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding ‘visited her’ following her death

Cheryl has shared how she believes her late friend and Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding ‘visited her’ months after her death. Last weekend, the Fight For This Love singer reunited with Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts at an event in Sarah’s memory.

The trio united for their first public appearance in years at a special Race for Life event in her name. They joined hundreds of people gathered in Hyde Park on Sunday morning to take part in Race For Life For Sarah, a Cancer Research 5k run in her memory.

Sarah, who grew up in Stockport, died at the age of 39 in September, a year after revealing she had breast cancer. The girls shared their own tributes in the days following Sarah’s death last year. Sarah’s mother Marie announced her daughter’s death on Instagram, describing her ‘beautiful’ daughter as ‘a bright, shining star’.

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Her Girls Aloud bandmates Nicola, Cheryl and Nadine were all at the event on Sunday, July 24, wearing pink T-shirts with Race For Life wording. The band’s fifth member Kimberley Walsh joined in remotely as she was unable to be in London for the event.

During interviews before the race, Cherly spoke about there joint interest in spirituality and the interviewer mentioned how Cheryl wrote in Sarah’s book how she wanted her to ‘visit her’ once she had passed. Cheryl shared the story on the 5 Minutes On podcast where she said: “I was driving to Newcastle last year and for weeks I had been fiddling around with my car to try and get the Bluetooth working and I couldn’t.

“I was so infuriated with it I gave up, I let it go for a couple of months.” The TV former X Factor judge continued: “I got into my car and Hear Me Out was playing, my phone wasn’t on, the music hadn’t been fiddled with, nothing, I hadn’t even plugged it in yet and Hear Me Out was playing through the Bluetooth.

Former Girls Aloud band members (left to right) Nicola Roberts, Cheryl and Nadine Coyle

“I laughed and then I cried. What did she name the book after? Hear Me Out, it was her thing.” OK! reports that she went on to say: “I think of myself as a spiritual person, and I guess Sarah does too, so there’s been an honesty between us when we talk about what might be.

“I’ve always believed that the end of our life on Planet Earth isn’t the end of everything and that we go to an incredible place once it’s over. We’ve also made a pact that if and when she’s left us, she’s going to come back and visit me. We haven’t decided exactly what form she might take, or what sign she might give to let me know it’s her, but I said I don’t mind as long as she doesn’t come when I’m on the loo.”

Sarah tragically died last year, aged 39

Mum-of-one Cheryl had started off the event with a heartfelt speech thanking all who had come to take part in the 5k run or walk. Wearing a pair of leggings alongside a cap to shield her eyes from the sun, Cheryl told the crowd: “Thank you, thank you everybody here for coming and doing this for Sarah or whoever you’re doing it for. You’re all incredible. Thank you.”

Nadine said she was ‘in denial’ about bandmate Sarah’s illness. “This time last year we were actually hanging out,” she recalled. “We all met up last year. She was there and we were talking and she didn’t even seem that sick. I was in denial the entire time and was the friend that was ‘Oh, it’s gonna be all right’, you know, I was completely in denial right up until the day she passed.”