Christine McGuinness vomited after seeing husband Paddy pictured with All Saints’ star Nicole Appleton

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Christine McGuinness said she felt ‘physically sick’ after seeing photos of husband Paddy walking arm-in-arm with All Saints’ star Nicole Appleton in the street.

The 33-year-old model and media personality, who lives with her family in Cheshire, made the revelation in her new memoir ‘Christine McGuinness: A Beautiful Nightmare’.

Christine said seeing the photos of her Bolton-born husband with another woman circulated online was a ‘heartbreaking moment’ for her and made her throw up.

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Despite the torment of seeing the pictures, which were taken in Soho in 2018, she said she was ‘never going to leave him’ as she knew he had been ‘struggling with life at home’.

“I knew from the beginning I was never going to leave him,” Christine said in the book, which is being serialised by the Mirror.

“Right from when I first saw the photos, I knew it wasn’t the end.

“We’d been through lots of difficult times in our marriage, but this was the first time it became public.

Paddy and Christine got married in June 2011 and have three children together

“It all unravelled in February 2018. I woke up early. Felicity, who was one at the time, was in the cot next to me and the twins were in bed asleep.

“Patrick had spent weeks in London. He was filming The Keith & Paddy Picture Show and was due to come back, but rang me to tell me he was exhausted.”

“’Stay down there,’ I told him, calmly. ‘Get your work done and come home when you’re ready.’

“I knew he was ­struggling with life at home, the sleepless nights, the children being non-verbal and barely eating. So, with my encouragement, he stopped in London for the weekend.

“Little did I know the drama that would unfold. As I roused from sleep that Sunday morning, I looked down at my phone.

“’Hope you’re OK,’ my manager at the time texted me. ‘Give me a ring whenever you’re ready. I’m here.’

The mum-of-three says she can still recall how she felt when she first saw the pictures of Paddy with the singer, who both share a similar friendship circle which includes Holly Willoughby.

“I clicked on to Instagram, where I’d been tagged in some posts,” Christine recalled.

“Then I saw them… pictures and videos of my husband and another woman out in London. And they were everywhere.

Christine said she was ‘absolutely devastated’ by the pictures

“My husband, arm-in-arm with another woman. I felt physically sick. I ran to the toilet to vomit. Still to this day I can remember that absolutely awful pit-of-your-stomach feeling.

“I rang him that morning before I’d read too much about it. He didn’t answer, which is really unusual for him and in hindsight I think he regrets not picking up the phone. It quickly dawned on me the reason he’d decided to stay down in London.”

Stating that she had ‘never been the jealous type’, Christine admitted the pictures ‘absolutely devastated’ her.

At the time, she took to Twitter to post: “when you realise you deserve so much more… that’s not a bad thing.”

“It was a bit of a heartbroken moment,” Christine now says.

“I was absolutely devastated by these pictures.

“I’d never been the jealous type. I had seen a few exchanges between Patrick and the other woman on social media, but thought nothing of it, Patrick has a lot of female friends in the industry.

Paddy and Christine McGuinness

“After my posts, my phone started blowing up. I had loads of messages from people saying, ‘I hope you sort it out.’ ‘Leave him,’ others told me.

“Suddenly everyone had an opinion on my marriage, and I didn’t know what was going on myself.

“Patrick eventually phoned me back in the afternoon. I didn’t answer. He kept ringing and ringing, and I refused to pick up. I totally ignored him. I was too upset.

“He wasn’t supposed to be coming home that night, but he rushed back.

“’I’m coming home. I’m coming back, please speak to me,’ he urged over text message. I didn’t reply.

“I have to say we really didn’t speak much about it. There were no rows or arguments, but I just didn’t want to look at him.

“He was at home for two days before he returned to London for work. While he carried on filming, my life in Cheshire became a nightmare.

Christine says her marriage is with Paddy is “really good”

“The story continued to garner attention and suddenly everyone was interested in what I was doing.

“But for me, I wanted my children to have a dad at home. It didn’t matter to me if I’d forgiven him, if I was OK with it or if I trusted him. I just wanted my children to have their father there… something I never had.

“For that to happen, I had to brush it under the carpet. I haven’t mentioned it since. We’ve never spoken about it really, and I’ve certainly never talked about it publicly before.”

The couple, who married at Thornton Manor in Cheshire in June 2011, insist that while they’re ‘total opposites’, their magic together ‘just works’.

“I didn’t think for a second I was going to marry him and have kids,” Christine added.

“Patrick and I agree that on paper you wouldn’t put us together. We’re total opposites. He’s a massive foodie and I’m not. He watches a lot of TV and I don’t at all. But it just works.

“I believe our marriage is really good and we are happy.

“There are times when things are ­difficult and we can’t stand each other, but the majority of the time, we laugh and joke and we’re getting on with life as a little team.”

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