Coronation Street fans being ‘driven nuts’ by couple’s rows as they choose sides

Coronation Street fans are making their feelings clear as they’re being ‘driven nuts’ by couple’s rows.

Sarah and Adam Barlow appeared all loved-up before Lydia Chambers arrived on the cobbles before Christmas.

The often warring couple decided to try for a baby of their own after Sarah thought she may have been pregnant.

But the arrival of Adam’s ex is causing problems between the couple.

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Sarah hasn’t quite been able to get over the fact Adam and Lydia had a six-month fling a long time ago.

She struck up a friendship with Lydia when she arrived at Underworld with her boss, Gavin, who is one of the factory’s clients.

However, fans think they have worked out a secret love child storyline after Sarah met up with Lydia and her son Finn and introduced them to her husband Adam during the festive season.

During Tuesday night’s trip to Weatherfield, viewers saw Lydia and Adam have a confrontation after he believed she was responsible for keying his car.

Lydia has been ruffling Adam’s feathers

Clearly hurt by the accusation, Lydia later turned up drunk to a meeting at Underworld with Gavin and Sarah, leading to her boss kicking her out.

Later in the episode, Sarah and Adam were seen enjoying a few drinks at the Bistro with Imran Habeeb to celebrate Adam’s latest victory.

But the mood soon changed when Craig Tinker arrived and informed Adam that they had discovered who was responsible for the damage on his car – and it wasn’t Lydia.

It turns out it was a man who was rather disgruntled with the boundary verdict at court.

Lydia appeared at Underworld drunk

This lead Sarah to discover that Adam had confronted Lydia before she arrived at the factory three sheets to the wind.

Sarah told her husband that he needed to apologise and get Lydia her job back.

But Adam wasn’t too pleased.

“Why would you side with her? A woman you barely know. We’re married, we’re trying for a baby, we don’t need this aggravation,” he said.

To which Sarah replied: “Adam it’s your attitude, it’s the way that you just switch off the second that something doesn’t suit you. It makes me question…”

Interjecting, Adam said “Question what? That ring says it’s me and you against the world.”

“It’s me and you arguing again, because of you Adam because you think you are the centre of the Universe,” Sarah responded.

“Do you know that having a baby is hard enough without being stuck with a partner who thinks it’s all about him all the time?”

Adam hit back: “Stuck with? Wow, sounds to me like you’re the one having commitment issues.”

“Well either way, it’s not really the right time to be having a baby”, Sarah told Adam.

Sarah wasn’t happy with her husband and dropped a bombshell

Corrie fans, however, are not enjoying the couple’s arguing and are siding up with Adam.

@jonezoe complained: “@itvcorriethis story with Lydia Sarah and Adam is driving me nuts. Sarah’s acting like a bunny boiler and flirts so much with Lydia. Bore off #Corrie.”

“Sarah having another moan. Can’t she just break up with Adam already #Corrie,” @RyanGTweetsTV tweeted.

@IAmSamJMartin fumed: “Wind your damn neck in Sarah!!! She’s literally destroying her marriage over someone she’s known 2 minutes #Corrie.”

Adam later apologised to Lydia

“Adam needs to bin Sarah off. She’s doing my head in watching her never mind living with her like she is at minute #Corrie,” @mikepriestley13 ranted.

@EnfieldGarry said: “Sarah and Adam arguing again, yawn. #Corrie.”

But @terrettcorey shared: “I’m really intrigued with the Adam, Lydia and Sarah story… #corrie.”

And @mishybabez_ requested: “Can we get Sarah and Lydia scenes now? Thanks I ship them #Corrie.”

Adam was later seen apologising to Lydia and offering to help her get her job back.

But it was to no avail as Lydia wasn’t interested.

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