Coronation Street fans confused by Fiz’s ‘bang out of order’ statement to Tyrone

Fiz Stape knew when to kick a man when he was down as she delivered a shock statement to ex Tyrone Dobbs.

Christmas was an eventful one at No.9 when love rivals Tyrone and Fiz’s new man Phill Whittaker came to blows.

Their ‘fight’ spilled onto the cobbles with water guns, and inflatables used to goad each other before finally calling a truce and enjoying the Christmas market singalong.

Both with their tails between their legs, the pair were on their best behaviour during the latest trip to Weatherfield on Monday night.

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Fiz and daughters, Hope and Ruby, headed out to the Christmas market with Phill where a comment from a trader left the new couple chatting about whether Phill was happy to be called the girls’ stepdad.

And later, back at home, the pair decided it was time to move in with each other at Phill’s home, big enough to home a goat in the garden.

Fiz broke the news to a deflated Ty but that wasn’t the end of her announcements to her former fiance.

She later visited the flat and told Tyrone: “This new place it’s going to be my home, isn’t it?

Tyrone was none the wiser

“The girls’ home too. And I want to be able to pay my way and help out with the renovations.

“And it’s not like I’ve got savings or anything, is it?”

As Tyrone made a joke, Fiz continued: “But I have got money tied up in our house – in number nine.”

While her ex told her that he wasn’t in the best financial shape to buy her out right now, Fiz told him: “I know, that’s not what I meant.

“I want to sell the house.”

Fiz paid Tyrone another visit

And the news didn’t just leave Ty shocked as Corrie viewers wondered how Fiz was able to have a say after Jack and Vera Duckworth left the house to their honorary son.

“How has Fiz got money tied up in Tyrone’s house that was left to him by Jack and Vera,” @justme_30_01 asked.

Lisa Smith said on Facebook: “Jack and Vera left that house to Tyrone, Tyrone and Fizz were never married she has not right to sell the house, and hasn’t invested money into the house as no mortgage had to be paid, she has paid bills which would have had to be done anyway so let Fizz leave and Tyrone move back in – simple.”

“It’s not Fiz’s house to sell it’s Tyrone’s house,” Marc Dorrian added.

The mechanic appeared stunned by what Fiz had to say

Jayne Mary said: “I thought Tyrone’s house was his. Left to him by Vera and Jack. So how can Fiz sell it?”

“I know him going off with Alina was terrible, however, her selling that house is bang out of order. That was Jack and Vera’s. It means so much to Tyrone,” MissMantha Coleman commented.

@mikepriestley13 fumed: “Fiz is taking the p**s asking Tyrone to sell the house where he was raised in that house by the legends Jack and Vera. #corrie.”

“Fiz wants to sell the house. Jack and Vera would be turning in their grave #Corrie,” @mishybabez_ added.

Viewers of the ITV soap will not have to wait long to see Tyrone’s reaction as Corrie returns to screens on Tuesday night (December 28) for another hour-long episode.

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