Coronation Street fans in agreement over Bernie Winter after latest scenes

Coronation Street fans have been left in agreement over Bernie Winter as the soap returned to screens.

The ITV favourite was on Tuesday night after a longer than usual break due to football airing on the channel.

It was the first time viewers had been whisked off to the cobbles since last Wednesday.

And there was quite a lot going on – particularly for Kelly Neelan.

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Corrie viewers last saw the teen being threatened by Cole, one of the other people living in her new temporary accommodation.

Waking up the next day, Aadi Alahan had taken refuge on her floor after falling out with his dad and twin sister.

As he left, Kelly was once again approached by Cole who wanted her to work for him after using him as an alibi for the police.

He acted nice, offering to take her to visit Amy Barlow, but then told her she has to nick phones for him.

Kelly met up with Amy in the cafe and after enjoying a nice chat, Amy popped to the loo, giving Kelly the perfect chance to nick her phone.

Bernie was back in Roy’s cafe

She grabbed it and ran, before Amy returned and realised what she had done.

Outside, Tracy confronts Kelly and accuses her of stealing Amy’s phone before Imran arrives and sticks up for her.

But when Amy’s phone rings in her bag, Kelly was left banged to rights.

While in the cafe, Bernie was back behind the counter and fans couldn’t help but be distracted.

After asking the girls if they wanted anything else, she said she was off to “put her head in the freezer”.

She quickly addressed the confusion, saying she was just defrosting it and headed out the the back.

Singing away, Amy called her and asked if she had seen Kelly – and her phone.

Bernie returned to the counter in Roy’s Roll, she was dressed in a winter Trapper hat.

Taking to social media, Corrie shared: “Loving #Bernie’s freezer defrosting outfit!”

And fans were quick to share the same thought about the character, played by Jane Hazlegrove.

“We need more of Bernie she’s like a breath of fresh air after all the doom and gloom,” @ jennyj47 said.

@maudiemay50 commented: “Bernie is brilliant, wasn’t that keen when she first came in to the show, but she has definitely grown on me.”

“I love Bernie’s sense of humour, she’s a great addition to Corrie & deserves way more screen time,” @tommysemo added.

@devlinpatricia09 agreed: “Bernie needs a big story , with a little happiness.”

“Fast becoming one of my fav characters in #Corrie Didn’t like #Bernie at first but putting her in the cafe was a brilliant stroke from the writers. She’s funny,” @rubyrache tweeted.

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