Coronation Street fans recognise newbie Ted and quickly discover connection to former cobbles star

His appearance on the soap may have been short but Coronation Street fans quickly recognised newbie Ted.

He made his debut on the soap during Monday night’s first episode of the year.

But by the end of the second trip to the cobbles, he was found dead.

His death came not long after he was knocked over by Faye Windass who was driving home with Emma Brooker following a New Year’s Eve party.

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Because Emma was still tipsy from drowning her sorrows over Curtis, Faye gets behind the wheel and accidentally drove into Ted, an elderly gentleman who stepped out into the road after dropping his shopping.

Luckily for them, he pulled himself up off the ground and asked the girls for a lift home, before inviting them in for a brew.

But when they returned to the street, the guilt of what they had done began to get to Emma and the pair returned to Ted’s flat.

After letting themselves in, they found Ted dead in his armchair.

His death came not long after he was knocked over by Faye Windass

The girls panicked and had soon decided to keep Ted’s death and the accident a secret, fearing Faye would go back to prison after she was recently released on bail.

During all the commotion on-screen fans took to social media to chat about where they recognised the actor who plays Ted from.

Duggie Brown took o the brief role in the ITV soap and the 81-year-old is best known for appearing on Granada Television’s popular series The Comedians.

But he’s also appeared in Corrie before. In 1997, he played George Freeman in Coronation Street, and again in 2004, this time playing Honor Blackman’s husband Bernie.

Ted was unfortunately found dead by Emma and Faye in his flat

His other roles have included Brookside, The Final Cut, Heartbeat, Doctors and Still Open All Hours.

Duggie has also had appearances in EastEnders and Emmerdale.

Not only that, fans have pointed out that he has a connection to another former Corrie star.

“Ted is Duggie Brown – Ivy Tilsley’s brother in real life,” Marilyn Briant wrote on Facebook.

And she’s right.

Lynne Perrie as Ivy Tilsley in Coronation Street in 1985

The veteran comedian is the brother of, who is best known for playing Mrs Casper in Ken Loach’s 1969 film Kes.

But she also played Ivy Tilsley in Coronation Street in 1971 before becominga recurring character from 1972.

Ivy then moved into Coronation Street with her family – husband Bert, played by Peter Dudley, and son Brian, played by Christopher Quinten.

The character, who was the mother-in-law of Gail Platt became infamous for her interfering and acid tongue.

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