Coronation Street fans ‘screaming at TV’ as they spot issue in Fiz and Tyrone story

It looks set to be the end of another era at No.9 Coronation Street as Tyrone made a huge decision.

During Tuesday night’s trip to the cobbles, viewers of the ITV soap saw the mechanic unhappy with ex Fiz’s request to sell the house.

Fiz wants to sell up in order to get some cash and put money into a new place with boyfriend Phill.

But with Tyrone unable to find the funds to buy her out, he offered her £15,000 so not to sell the closest thing he’s got to a childhood home after being taken in by Jack and Vera Duckworth.

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Fiz, however, refused his offer and claimed she put way more into making the house a home.

After rowing in the Rovers and having to be put in their places by Evelyn, Tyrone later visited Fiz and told her he would sell.

It came after she said she felt on the ‘edge of tears all the time’ living in the house as it reminded her of what Tyrone did earlier this year – running off with Alina and leaving his family behind.

While Tyrone admitted it was the last thing he wanted to do, he knew how much it meant to Fiz.

But Corrie fans were furious with Fiz’s demands.

@discoaluna tweeted: “Why does Fiz think she has the right to try and force Tyrone to sell? He’s the one who owns it, and she’s the one who wants to go #Corrie.”

Tyrone and Fiz argued in the Rovers

“Fiz wants to sell the house really? Isn’t it illegal to sell a property you don’t actually have any legal claim on? Jack & Vera sold it to Ty who they saw as a son long before Fiz how can she ask him to sell now knowing what it means to him, so she can move in with Phil? #Corrie,” @GrianneDoherty1 pointed out.

@SofaSpectator fumed: “#corrie yes but fizz its not YOUR bloody house!!!!! You have no legal rights to it! F sake!”

That, however, isn’t the only issue viewers have spotted.

“Forget the house for one second what about the fact Fiz genuinely plans to take Ty’s kid (Ruby) with her too? Surely not even Evelyn’s ok with that? Wouldn’t that hurt him more? He should issue her with a ultimatum. Sell the house or Ruby. Can’t have both #Corrie,” @GrianneDoherty1 said.

Tyrone eventually agreed to sell

@mishybabez_ tweeted: “Has Fiz forgotten Ruby isn’t actually her daughter or what? I’m pretty sure Kirsty is her mum and Tyrone is her father! #Corrie.”

“Who else thinks Perfect Phil is a conman? And who else is screaming at the telly… ‘ruby isn’t Fizz’s daughter’??? #Corrie,” @BerniKennedy commented.

@judy3267 added: “#corrie if writer’s think fans’ll sit back & not say anything about Fiz taking Ruby from Tyrone & trying 2 make him sell his house then they are stupid! It’s time Fiz was reminded of WHY Jack & Vera loved & cared so much for Tyrone! Then have a hard look at who she’s become!”

And they weren’t happy with Tyrone’s grandmother’s interference either.

Evelyn had her say

@itzzzo_ said: “So Tyrone made the decision because Evelyn pulled the Jack and Vera card #Corrie.”

“Evelyn never knew Jack & Vera, she has no right to suggest what they would have wanted. #Corrie,” @ElaineWharton1 fumed.

@GrianneDoherty1 tweeted: “‘Jack & Vera weren’t saints but family really mattered to them’. ‘Then do the right thing by Fiz & the kids?’ Really Evelyn? Can’t believe she’d even ask Ty such a thing. Hasn’t he sacrificed more than enough already seriously? He’s more than paid for him & Alina #Corrie.”

“Great to see ‘voice of reason’ Evelyn pressuring her grandson to sell his house purely for the benefit of his ex-girlfriend’s convenience. WTF?!!! #corrie,” @Ockeghem1497 added.

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