Coronation Street legend Roy plans to leave Weatherfield for good after 26 years

There’s set to be a shock on the cobbles as a Coronation Street legend plans to leave for good.

Roy Cropper is much-loved by his neighbours as well as viewers.

But he has been struggling with keeping Abi Franklin’s secret after he talked her out of shooting her son’s killer.

Last month, viewers saw a worried Roy looking for Abi after niece Nina Lucas told him the grieving mum had a gun – and planned to use it on Corey Brent.

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After discovering Kevin Webster had been in an accident, Roy asked Debbie and Toyah if he had been shot before eventually asking if anyone had seen Abi.

As he headed for the House of Horrors, Roy didn’t expect to see Abi and Corey in a face-off below the cobbles after the ground gave way from under them.

As she pointed the gun at him, Abi demanded Corey tell her the truth about her son Seb’s death and the terrified footballer eventually caved and confessed to killing the builder as he cried it was an accident.

Roy came to Abi and Corey’s rescue last month

And Roy was the real hero as he convinced Abi to let Corey go, before helping the pair out of the sinkhole.

He later lied to the police about what he saw and it appears that will come back to haunt him next week.

DS Abney calls at No.13 and reveals that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same gun used by Tez in a raid several years ago.

Abi meets up with Tez in Victoria Garden and begs him to keep the police off her back and Roy clocks their exchange with concern.

Abi and Tez are spotted by Roy

Later, Nick calls in the cafe and tells Roy how the police are in the process of tracing the gun that was used to kill Natasha.

Roy advises Abi to tell the police the truth about the gun just before DS Abney calls at the cafe and tells Roy that she has some more questions she’d like to ask him about the night of the sinkhole collapse.

The cobbles icon then tells Abi that yet again he’s had to lie to the police on her behalf.

Roy tells Nina that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same one Abi was going to use to kill Corey and that as a result, they must both accept responsibility for Natasha’s death.

And he starts making secret preparations.

Roy calls at the solicitors and tells Imran that he wants to sign over his flat and his business to Nina as he no longer needs them.

When Sally Metcalfe suggests they discuss ideas for the Christmas Market, Roy asserts that he won’t be getting involved and is soon calling at the garage to ask Abi to sell the Woody for him as soon as possible.

Roy is making arrangements to leave Weatherfield

When Abi reveals that Roy’s selling the Woody, Nina’s more worried than ever and this only escalates when she finds out from Adam Barlow that Roy has signed over his entire estate to her with immediate effect.

Nina tells Abi that she’s frightened Roy is going to take his own life – but Roy then reveals that he plans to leave Weatherfield for good.

Can Nina stop Roy from leaving the street he loves?

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