Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin star Sally Carman reveals beauty secret as fans make repeat observation

Sally Carman has revealed her own beauty secret after fans keep making the same observation about her character.

The actress, 40, is best known for playing Abi Franklin in the ITV soap and has been at the forefront of the show for much of the year thanks to a heavy-hitting storyline.

Viewers have watched a heartbroken Abi grieve, as well as seek revenge, over the death of her son, Seb Franklin, who was attacked in a hate crime against girlfriend Nina Lucas.

Since saying goodbye to Seb, Corrie fans have watched Abi fight for justice after killer Corey Brent initially got away with murder, before recently turning her hatred towards Kelly Neelan as the teen moved back to the street.

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But they may have witnessed a slight breakthrough during Tuesday night’s (December 28) trip to the cobbles.

After harassing Kelly, Abi came face-to-face with the troubled teen at an NA meeting.

Lacking sympathy for Kelly, Abi sat and stared at her as she spoke about her upsetting upbringing.

And when it was Abi’s turn to speak, she may have realised they have more in common than first thought as she heartbreakingly recalled how she treated her kids when they were younger and she was on drugs.

Despite the emotional scenes, Corrie viewers were once again distracted by a detail they have repeatedly noticed about Abi.

Abi and Kelly attend same NA meeting in Coronation Street

@Shevaunne tweeted: “Why does Abbie, a mechanic have such perfectly manicured nails all the time?#Corrie.”

@NatashaBowey commented: “Love how Kelly is on the brink of homelessness and jobless, yet still manages to have a full set of lash extensions every episode #Corrie,” to which @MarGraham replied: “Same with Abi’s immaculate nails – even when she’s working in the garage…”

@CathyD76 also added: “Where does Abi get her nails done? She’s a bloody mechanic for gods sake and yet not one is chipped or damaged! #corrie @sallycarman1 they’re always completely on point! Xxx.”

Corrie fans are always quick to notice Abi’s perfect nails

And the lady herself replied.

Sally said: “Gels kidda,” with a crying laughing face emoji and thumbs up emoji.

And the soap star is a fan of getting her nails done.

Just before Christmas Sally took to Instagram with a snap of her freshly manicured nails, featuring a red star pattern for the festive season.

“Soooo happy with my Christmas nails,” she shared alongside the post. “Thank you @laura_prept at my fave beauty spot @prept_romiley you’re blummin’ awesome. @ameliamcaneny you inspired me!”

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