Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman star shares unexpected on-set relationship

Coronation Street’s Harriet Bibby has revealed a surprising on-set relationship.

The actress is best known for playing Summer Spellman in the ITV soap.

Harriet, 23, joined Corrie last year as the teenager, taking over the role from Matilda Freeman who decided to leave the show.

Summer is now in the care of vicar Billy Mayhew after her adoptive dad Drew Spellman died following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

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Billy’s ex was Todd Grimshaw was also Summer’s legal guardian until he went on the run but returned last year.

So i’ts no surprise Harriet names the former on-screen couple as her closest pals on-set.

The Wigan actress told OK! Magazine : “My closest friends are Dan [Brocklebank, who plays Billy Mayhew] and Gareth [Pierce, who plays Todd Grimshaw], who I work a lot with.”

Harriet with co-stars Dan Brocklebank and Gareth Pierce

But Harriet also revealed a more surprising friendship on the Corrie set.

“I’m also really good friends with Jane [Hazlegrove, who plays Bernie],” she added to the publication. “We get on really, really well and she’s really funny.”

And she also named her funniest co-star as the legend that is Roy Cropper, played by David Neilson.

“I’d have to say David Neilson because he just comes out with some funny things,” she said.

Jane Hazlegove plays Bernie in the ITV soap

“When he won a TV award recently, he said he was going to put it in the cafe to remind the younger actors to up their game. I thought it was hilarious!”

Corrie fans are currently fearing the worst for Summer as her crush on teacher Daniel Osbourne became more apparent.

Summer, 17, has got the wrong impression after becoming a regular babysitter for Bertie and having private tuition from Daniel, 26, at his flat.

And he’s been helping her with her plans to apply to Oxford University.

Earlier this week viewers saw Summer get the wrong end of the stick after she overheard Adam Barlow quizzing Daniel about his intentions towards Daisy.

Summer has a crush on Daniel

The teen mistakenly assumes they’re discussing her leaving her thrilled and with a smile on her face.

Later, Corrie fans cringed as the sixth form pupil spotted two tickets for The Importance of Being Earnest on Daniel’s desk and thought it was for them.

But she was crestfallen when he explained that he’d like her to babysit his son Bertie while he went to the theatre.

And Summer was further crushed when he saw it was Daisy he went to see the production with.

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