Corrie fans fuming as they point out the same thing about Abi

Coronation Street fans saw the sweeter side of Abi Franklin when she was given the greatest gift possible during the Christmas Day special.

As a surprise the emotional Abi was reunited with her twins Charlie and Lexie, who now have a new life in Australia after being taken into care and adopted.

Before he was brutally murdered in a hate crime attack back in May, Seb Franklin set the wheels in motion for his mum to spend Christmas with his youngest siblings when he found out they would be in the UK.

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Abi’s husband Kevin saw his plan through and Abi was in tears to have them back in her arms.

Abi found Kelly’s note

But the festive joy soon disappeared when she visited Seb’s memorial on Boxing Day and was furious to find that Kelly Neelan had left flowers and a card.

Abi is unable to forgive Kelly for her role on the night of the attack.

Spotting her enjoying a meal in the bistro with Dev Alahan and his son Aadi, Abi plonked herself at a nearby table.

She then taunted Kelly and stared at the teen with pure hatred.

Corrie fans flocked to Twitter to voice their annoyance at Abi for ‘bullying’ the girl.

Justin Rafferty @j_raff2021 tweeted: “Abi, don’t you ever speak to Kelly like that. That is rude.”

Abi stared at Kelly and taunted her at the Bistro

@itzzzo_ said with a fuming face: “I usually hate the character of Kelly but Abi there.”

@runninoncaffine tweeted: “Sorry but Abi is bullying Kelly now.”

And @macnamara60 said: “#Corrie bully Abi on the rampage again? Sick & tired of her tbh.”

Other fans pointed out that it was Abi’s vengeful actions that brought about the death of Natasha Blakeman in horor scenes in October after she went after Corey with a gun.

She was talked around from killing Corey by neighbour Roy Cropper, but the gun was found by drugs lord Harvey Gaskell and he shot Natasha in a case of mistaken identity.

Kelly was recently released from prison

Jamie Was Crazy @JamieNews81 pointed out: “Abi conveniently forgotten that her gun killed Natasha.”

@funkygibbons tweeted: “So Abi has forgot already she is partially responsible for the death of Natasha.”

@itzzzo_wrote: “By Abi’s logic if Kelly’s to blame for Seb’s death then she’s to blame for Natasha #Corrie.”

@BantamSilver exclaimed: “Abi is a massive hypocrite. She is responsible for the death of Natasha !!!!

And @marion_aitken tweeted: “#Corrie just lost first place on the Xmas show with Boxing Day storyline. Back to doom and gloom. Enough with the Abby/Kelly scrap.”

But other viewers think Abi has every right to feel this way.

Although Kelly was recently released from prison after being framed for killing Seb by gang leader Corey Brent, Kelly had left Abi’s son alone and dying after trying to hold Seb back from repeatedly kicking him.

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And earlier she had slapped Seb’s girlfriend Nina Lucas egged on by evil Corey and his vile gang.

@DameLilySavage tweeted: “Drag her Abi! #Corrie.”

@__chxrll said: “Love that everyone has suddenly forgotten that Kelly is still as guilty as Corey is. Abi has every right to be angry.”

And @__chxrll asked: “Is it just me who thinks Abi has every right to be p***ed off with Kelly? She still played her part in Sebs murder.”

Kevin tried to reason with Abi pointing out that terrorising Kelly will do no good. But it seems that Abi is on another revenge mission, vowing that soon she won’t have to worry about her.