Corrie fans question missing detail in court scenes as Corey takes to the stand

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Coronation Street fans have been left scratching their heads over a missing detail during Corey Brent’s court scenes.

The soap baddie, played by Maximus Evens, took to the stand in Friday night’s double bill as part of Seb Franklin’s murder trial.

Corey and Kelly Neelan are facing trial over the builder’s death back in May.

Seb and girlfriend Nina Lucas were horrifically attacked by Corey, Kelly and two other lads known to the pair.

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Taking to the stand to give his version of events, Corey blamed the killing on Kelly.

Fans of the ITV soap were left fuming at Imran Habeeb over a glaring ‘open goal’ during his grilling of Corey.

They were even further frustrated when footballer Tommy Orpington took to the stand to give a glowing character reference for his Weatherfield County protegee.

And with a witness statement from Eli Higginson, one of the two lads who have already pleaded guilty to the attack on Nina and who backed Corey’s version of events, the promising footballer may get away with murder.

But fans have pointed out another missing detail that could help Nina and Seb’s mum Abi Franklin see justice and Corey punished for his actions.

Corey was grilled on the stand

“What about the fact Corey was arrested outside the cafe for screaming abuse at Nina. It must be on police record,” tweeted one.

Another asked: “Why hasn’t it come up about Corey turning up outside the cafe and getting arrested for breaking his bail conditions.”

A fellow viewer replied: “I’ve wondered that too plus him putting the frighteners on Nina.

They’re talking about scenes aired back in mid-June when Corey found himself being escorted away from the street in the back of a police car following a ‘freak’ attack on Nina.

Corey was furious after Nina gatecrashed his meeting with local celebrity, footballer Tommy, and his agent to discuss his footballing career.

While Nina’s presence was accidental, the teen couldn’t hold back revealing the truth about Corey as Tommy went on about him being the next big thing.

Close to attacking him with his own football trophy, Nina was stopped in her tracks by Abi Franklin.

After talking some sense into her back at the cafe, Nina was confused as someone loudly banged on the door of Roy’s Rolls.

Corey being carted off by the police for breaking his bail conditions in June

Believing it was Abi, Nina answered the door only for Corey to be on the other side.

She closed the door but Corey continued to shout at Nina and annoyed by his comments, the pair ended up on the street.

“You can take your piercings out and your makeup, but you’re still a freak,” Corey fumed. “A sl*tty little gothic freak.”

As he demanded his award back, Nina smashed it to the floor only triggering Corey’s anger further.

But before he could lash out, Roy came to his niece’s rescue.

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Continuing to think he could get away with his intimidation, Roy informed him he was breaching his bail conditions and as if by magic, a police car appeared.

Viewers also saw Corey break his innocent persona while with dad Stefan and lawyer Sabeen in court last week when he again called Nina a ‘freak’.

The outcome of the court case will be revealed in scenes to be aired this week.

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