Corrie fans spot Sabeen blunder as they rage at ‘spineless’ Imran

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Coronation Street fans never miss a trick and they were quick to point out a blunder with Sabeen.

Just when you thought she had left after securing Corey Brent’s freedom, Imran Habeeb’s ex-wife showed up with a lucrative offer.

And now she appears to be everywhere Imran looks – adding to his guilt over the night of the trial verdict when he disappeared in the back of a taxi with her.

On Wednesday night, viewers saw Imran head back to court for Kelly Neelan’s sentencing.

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As he prepared his statement to read out in court, Sabeen appeared as she got to work on her next case.

Corrie viewers spotted her attempts to blackmail Imran over their night together in order to get him to join her on her next job – getting drug lord Harvey Gaskell out of prison.

And after his foster daughter was sentenced to life with a minimum 15 years, Sabeen appeared again, only to be confronted by an angry Kevin.

As Imran stepped in, he ended up being smacked in the face by the mechanic, leaving Sabeen to fuss over him at the hospital.

Imran got a smack on the nose

A suspicious Toyah later confronted her partner of his relationship with Sabeen, only for him to lie about his whereabouts on the night of the trial verdict.

But as the episode came to an end, viewers saw Sabeen taking a call from Imran.

“I need to see you,” he said.

“What a lovely surprise, can’t wait,” she said in response.

But Corrie viewers spotted a major problem – she didn’t actually answer the phone.

Eagle-eyed fans saw that as she had the phone to her ear, it was still ringing on the screen with the option to pick-up or decline still very visible.

Toyah confronted Imran

“Sabeen would have a much better connection if she answered the call,” one tweeted.

Another said: “This was missed in the editing. Answer the phone next time #Corrie.”

A fan said in response: “That was proper noticeable as well.”

Aside from the phone blunder, fans were raging at ‘spineless’ Imran.

“Why doesn’t Imran just tell Sabeen to do one once and for all. He’s spineless as if he could defend Harvey. What a ridiculous storyline #Corrie,” fumed one.

Another screamed: “IMRAN what are you doing!!! #corrie #coronationstreet.”

“#Corrie Imran is a bad ‘un. Even suffering the daily veggie lasagne isn’t a reason for cheating on Toyah,” a third shared.

But some think an even bigger twist is on the way.

“Don’t say there’s gonna be a baby Imran coming #Corrie,” tweeted one.

Another commented: “Imagine if Sabeen was pregnant with Imran’s baby!”

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