Corrie first look at horror week as catastrophic rainstorm brings death and destruction to the cobbles

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Weatherfield is set to be rocked as a catastrophic rain storm puts lives at risk in Coronation Street.

Later this month a huge climatic event will bring death and destruction to the cobbles in what has already been promised to rival that of the tram crash over a decade ago.

As real and metaphoric storm clouds gather over the famous cobbles, the residents make plans for Halloween parties and holidays, oblivious to the tragedies waiting around the corner.

Viewers will be sent on a rollercoaster of emotions and high drama with a catastrophic rain storm, a collapsed sinkhole, fireball car crash, an escaped convict and revenge plans that go anything but to plan.

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Fans of the ITV soap will best know these kind of stunt weeks as ‘Super Soap Week’.

And the seed was already planted as to what is to come in episodes last week.

But fast forward to later this October, the week starts on a high note with Debbie Webster putting the finishing touches to the House of Horrors attraction behind the street.

Residents excitedly choose their Halloween costumes and no one spots the ominous shifting of earth around the sinkhole that has been in the Platt’s back garden since last September.

Elswhere Dev, Aadi and Asha Alahan prepare to leave for their family holiday, but as the thunder crashes overhead they find themselves lost on a country road.

Harvey is back – and Leanne Battersby better watch out

Heading for the same country lane is a prison van rushing injured drug dealer Harvey Gaskill to hospital, but he has another destination, and vengeance, in mind.

Back on the street Abi Franklin is back and also seeking revenge.

Having got her hands on a gun, the grieving mother is determined to make Corey Brent pay for murdering her son Seb.

Despite her own feelings towards Corey, Nina Lucas is desperate to stop Abi, but with the storm raging will she get there in time?

Abi is out for revenge but her son’s killer Corey may get there first

Over at the Rovers, Jenny Connor is enjoying a new relationship with Leo, but is stunned to learn that her ex-hubby Johnny has plans to leave Weatherfield.

Keen to speak to Johnny she ends up distracted by her worries about Leo’s safety but, as she searches for him in the pouring rain, the ground literally opens up beneath her.

A desperate Johnny is determined to save her and edges ever near the giant sinkhole.

As the storm intensifies the residents find themselves in the middle of a real-life horror story with Abi, Corey, Jenny and Johnny trapped in rising water underground in the Victorian sewers.

Above ground Leanne Battersby comes face to face with her worst nightmare as Harvey makes a dramatic return to the street.

Whilst away from the cobbles, Dev Alahan is forced to make the heartbreaking decision of which of his kids he drags from the wreck of his burning car.

Dev is forced to choose between the twins as they end up in horror car accident

Producer Iain MacLeod has said: “We set out to make a week of breathless, brilliant drama – and boy, have our outstanding cast, crew, design team and writers delivered.

“The week is jam packed with twists and turns, and astonishing visual spectacle. It also has heart, heroism and humour in the most unexpected places. I have to say it again: our team has excelled themselves.

“Making any TV in a pandemic is hard, especially if you’ve been doing it non-stop for over 12 months – so I have to tip my hat to everyone for their tireless efforts in continuing to raise the bar, against all the odds.”

First look images in recent weeks have given an idea of what to expect as the cast put in hours of work on-set, off on location and overnight.

It will certainly live up to its name

Will Mellor was spotted bloodied and bruised as he filmed drug lord Harvey’s dramatic prison escape.

The Two Pints of Larger star, 45, joined the ITV soap earlier this year but was sent to prison forcing Leanne to deal drugs after her son Simon Barlow got caught up with the gang.

And Abi star Sally Carman was also pictured with a gun while outside Corey’s parent’s posh house.

But as the first look picture shows, Abi looks set to be on the back foot as she comes face-to-face with her son’s killer underneath those famous cobbles.

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