Corrie’s Abi in danger as Corey brandishes a gun in ‘incredibly intense’ spoiler

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Abi Franklin’s revenge plans look set to take a terrifying turn as Corey Brent brandishes a gun.

Horror is heading for the cobbles this month as Debbie Webster’s Halloween event becomes a real-life thriller.

As the Weatherfield residents excitedly choose their Halloween costumes and no one spots the ominous shifting of earth around the Platt’s sinkhole at No.8.

Elsewhere, Abi back and the grieving mother wants revenge.

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Viewers have been left wondering where Abi is after she broke up her relationship with Kevin Webster following Corey’s non-guilty verdict.

The promising footballer was jubilant as he left the court a free man, leaving Abi incandescent and heartbroken.

While it was Corey who dealt the shocking blows to her son Seb that later led to his death, it was Kelly Neeland who was found guilty of his murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

But with Corey still out there and her son gone, Abi vowed to get justice one way or another.

Having got her hands on a gun, as spoiler pictures have previously shown, Abi is determined to make Corey Brent pay for murdering her son.

Despite her own feelings towards Corey, it is Nina Lucas who is desperate to stop Abi, but with the storm raging, will she get there in time?

Corey is getting on with his life and his promising football career

Nina’s efforts could be in vain as when the storm intensifies, the residents find themselves in the middle of a real-life horror story with Abi, Corey, Jenny and Johnny trapped in rising water underground in the Victorian sewers.

A first look picture released by Coronation Street shows a sodden and bloodied Corey pointing a gun at Abi as she lay terrified on the floor.

Will Corey kill again? or Will does Abi have it in her to escape his clutches?

Teasing what’s to come, Corrie producer Iain MacLeod said: “The scenes between him [Corey] and Abi are emotional and incredibly tense.

“They look fantastic and wouldn’t look out of place in a movie.”

Abi split from Kevin and left the cobbles last month

But he also commented that “it’s not the end of the story” when speaking about the impact and importance of the hate crime story being a part of its massive week of episodes.

He added: “I think it would have felt weird not to have arguably our biggest story in the middle of our biggest week.”

Last month, Corey was spotted in row with busker over an evidence find.

Maximus Evans, who plays killer Corey, was spotted filming at The Avenue, Sale.

Corey shows his true colours when he threatens a busker who has evidence of him dumping a bag on the night that he murdered Seb.

And Iain also had praise for 20-year-old Max.

“Corey is probably one the most disliked characters in our show at the moment for very obvious reasons.

“But it’s funny, you could not meet a nicer lad than Max and it’s testament to how brilliant he is that such a nice lad has managed to just embody this pure evil that you see from Corey.”

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