Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd forced to abandon flash car at work due to fuel crisis

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Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has been forced to abandon his car at work due to the fuel crisis.

Motorists have been struggling for almost a week to get their cars filled up, with forecourts running out of fuel due to a shortage in HGV drivers.

Long queues have been seen at petrol stations up and down the country as they ran out of fuel faster than they could be resupplied.

David Platt actor Jack has also struggled – revealing all on podcast, Sofa Cinema Club, which he does with Corrie co-stars Colson Smith (Craig Tinker) and Ben Price (Nick Tilsley).

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Before getting stuck into their film chat, Colson asked: “How has your week been?”

To which Jack replied: “Well we ain’t been driving anywhere have we?”

The clip was shared to the Sofa Cinema Club Instagram page with the caption: “And now we cross live to @jackpshepherd88 for an update on the petrol crisis…”

And he went on to explain his own struggle.

“My car is at work. I’ve got no fuel. It’s gone,” the actor explained.

“I’ve turned up to petrol stations and there’s queues and I’m like, ‘Oh, they’ve got fuel.’

Jack had to leave his car behind at the Salford-based set

“I get out and I’m like, ‘Petrol?’ I might as well have said, ‘Egyptian artefacts.’

“They just look at me like I’m insane for asking if there’s any petrol.

“You can get diesel, but I can’t find petrol anywhere.”

When asked how he got home from work this week Jack, who is said to drive a luxury black Mustang – thought to be worth around £41,000 – responded “A lift. My girlfriend’s sister.”

He added later: “It says five miles on the clock, but it’s not five miles. It might as well be one.

“If I fill it up it says I’ve got 250 miles, but I haven’t. I’ve got about a third of that.”

When asked if he has been driving his flash motor like a granny because of his fuel issues, Jack said: “Yeah. Well, I live in the city centre so I can’t drive anywhere anyway. I’m always in traffic.

“So I’m always going slow.”

And it’s not just Jack who has been in bother.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also in a pickle on Wednesday.

The Man United star’s driver was spotted waiting almost seven hours in his £220,000 Bentley to refuel at a petrol station in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

But he was forced to give up without success.

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