Frustrated Emmerdale fans point out huge Belle Dingle blunder

Emmerdale fans have pointed out a huge blunder made by Belle Dingle.

During Thursday night’s trip the village, viewers of the ITV soap saw Belle and Ellis taking her nephew Kyle on an adventure.

Kyle’s dad Cain Dingle had his reservations as the pair said they’d be taking his son to the forest for a camping trip.

Ellis promised he’d keep them safe and that nothing would go wrong – until it did.

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As they got themselves set up for a night under the stars, Ellis’ ex Priya Sharma phoned him.

Confused by the call, Ellis rushes off to find out what is going on and Belle gives him her car keys and he promises to return.

But while he was gone, Kyle twists his ankle and Belle is keen to get him back to the village.

Though she quickly remembers she is without her car keys and smashes the car window in an attempt for them both to get a bit warmer inside as the night draws in.

But Belle had another problem. She was unable to get hold of Ellis and her phone was moments away from running out of charge.

The group headed off on a camping trip

After leaving Ellis another voicemail, she attempted to phone Cain, only for her phone to die.

A panicked, and shivering, Belle tried to reassure Kyle that they’ll be home soon but viewers were left wondering what happens next.

Emmerdale fans, however, pointed out a major problem when it came to Belle seeking help.

And they flocked to social media to have their say.

@mckinel tweeted: “Wtf #emmerdale why would Belle not be dialling 999 in that situation if she has signal?!”

Kyle twisted his ankle and Belle needed to get him back to the village

“Has Belle… forgotten that she can call someone other than Ellis??? #Emmerdale,” @ClaudiaBoleyn said.

@LelJoyce commented: “It doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t Belle think of phoning someone else when she couldn’t get hold of Ellis? #emmerdale.”

“Okay i usually like her but in today’s episode Belle is actually an idiot. She could have called a cab in the times she called Ellis #emmerdale,” @xowildflowerxo wrote.

@Matt528chap shared: “And this is where we all scream to Belle ‘YOU DON’T NEED A SIGNAL TO PHONE 999’!#Emmerdale.”

“Why did Belle just wait in the cold after Ellis didn’t answer? I could list off several people she could have e called after he didn’t answer the first time rather than sitting there freezing waiting for him to never show. #Emmerdale,” @Cirah_TV added.

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