Gogglebox confirms casting news for Channel 4 show

Gogglebox is officially on the lookout for a new family.

The Channel 4 show has been a hit among viewers since it first landed on screens in 2013.

The popular format sees families, friends, and couples taking to their sofa to dish out their own opinions on the latest TV shows and news stories.

And it’s even won a BAFTA.

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The show has managed to make everyday people into much-loved stars- from Manchester’s very own Malone family, to Blackpool sibling duo Pete and Sophie Sandiford.

And the good news is, another family could be part of it.

The bad news is that viewers cannot specifically apply.

Channel 4 has confirmed it will fund a dedicated casting team to find a Scottish family to star in Gogglebox.

It is therefore hoped that at least one Scottish family will be appearing on the programme from the New Year.

Gogglebox stars Sophie Sandiford, Pete Sandiford, Julie Malone and Tom Malone

Pete Wishart MP, chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster, welcomed the decision, and said: “Channel 4 has impressive credentials for supporting independent producers and offering opportunities for young people wishing to explore the sector.

“We are bursting at the seams with talent in Scotland, and I am pleased to hear Channel 4’s efforts to harness this potential.

“A theme which came up in our evidence session was the lack of a Scottish family on Gogglebox.

“It is clear some have approached the channel with similar concern, often offering themselves as an option.

“I am therefore pleased to see a dedicated team tasked with this and look forward to seeing the successful family on our screens in the new series.”

Gogglebox never advertises for applicants to appear on the show and has previously shut down rumours that applications were open for the series.

Last month new cast members made their debut appearance on the popular show.

Brother and sister pairing Simon and Jane were seen for the first time, watching along from their brown leather sofas with an impressive collection of books behind them.

The latest additions come after a number of departures from the show in the last year.

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