Good Morning Britain under fire from viewers for ‘terrible’ news report

Good Morning Britain has come under fire from viewers over one of its latest news report.

Susanna Reid and Ed Balls were back together on Tuesday’s show, bringing those tuning in the latest news headlines.

This included the news that nearly 4,000 people crossed the English Channel aboard small boats in the first two weeks of November.

It has also been reported that 1,185 people reached the UK in a single day last week amid tensions between the UK government and France.

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Susanna and Ed, who were in the studio, spoke to Senior News Correspondent Jonathan Swain as he reported live from a boat in the middle of the Channel.

“We are in a particular part of French waters where we know that the migrants begin their journeys,” he explained.

“We won’t give away the specific location but literally just a few seconds before you came to us, the skipper of our ship has just pointed out… look in the distance there,” he pointed as the camera zoomed in.

Jonathan Swain was live from the Channel

“We think we can see migrants in the water.”

A few minutes later, there was a clearer shot of three men attempting to cross the waters in a tiny blue dinghy.

“That is just a perilous scene,” Jonathan said before he is heard shouting over to the men: “Morning, do you need help?”

There’s then a brief pause before he adds: “They are shouting out,” explaining they are not able to intervene.

Jonathan shouted to the men as they attempted to maneuver the boat

But viewers watching the shocking scenes unfold blasted GMB for airing it.

“Terrible to film this. Uncomfortable to watch #gmb,” @uniquedollsUK tweeted.

@Marshmallow3UK added: “@gmb this is very wrong #GMB.”

“#gmb 3 migrants paddling in a small dinghy in English Channel. The reporter is filming them like a weird spectator sport. Suddenly shouts out, “are you ok, where are you going to?” Wtf,” @Capellarec shared.

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