Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray calls out Kate Garraway for name blunder after she says he has ‘nasty streak’

Adil Ray was quick to get his own back on Kate Garraway as he thought he heard her suffer a name blunder after remarking that he had a ‘nasty streak’. The pair were back on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (April 19).

Kate and Adil have been the regular hosts of the ITV daytime show over the past couple of weeks as Susanna Reid takes her Easter Break and as Ben Shephard and another familiar face, Richard Madeley, also take time away from the show.

As well as covering the latest news headlines, the presenting duo also revealed they would be joined by two musical stars. As Kate, 54, introduced the upcoming segment, she shared that two of the stars of Anything Goes would be joining them – Simon Callow and Kerry Ellis.

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But as she talked about Simon joining them, she seemingly called him Simon Cowell instead. The TV and radio star said: “Still ahead on Good Morning Britain, you’ll like this Richard, Anything Goes.

“It’s snatched box office records in London and now it’s off on tour. It’s got Four Weddings legend Simon Cowell and Wicked star Kerry Ellis and they’re both joining us later.”

Adil was quick to call Kate out

“Simon Cowell?” Adil quickly asked, as Kate repeated: “Callow! Did I say Cowell?” Adil then replied: “I don’t know, I heard Cowell,” as Kate insisted she meant Callow and not Cowell.

“It would be good to see Simon Cowell in a musical,” Adil joked, as Kate insisted she hadn’t made the error. “I didn’t, apparently I didn’t,” seemingly referring to what she may be being told in her ears from producers.

Swiftly moving on, she said: “But anyway, let’s get the news, travel and weather where you are.” Prior to that, Kate and Adil had welcomed Richard Arnold back into the studio who was armed with the latest entertainment news after a break.

Kate was sure she hadn’t made an error

For the last few weeks, viewers have seen BBC Radio 1 star Vick Hope step into his place. But as Kate cheerily introduced her co-star, Adil said to Richard: “Alright Grandad?”

Kate then said: “He’s got a nasty streak in him this morning, I tell you, Adil. Calling you grandad…” as Richard quipped: “I can snatch a compliment every time he unlocks his jaw don’t worry, that little twinkle of his.”