Hits Radio presenter Gemma Atkinson claps back after reading out nasty comments from trolls on air

Gemma Atkinson impressed fans by keeping her composure while reading nasty online comments on her radio show. The mum-of-one was challenged to ‘face her feedback’ on the Hits Radio drive-time show with co-star Mike Toolan.

“Are you serious? These are lovely by the way” said Gemma warily as she picked up a printed sheet of comments made about her. And she impressed fans by showing her sense of humour and laughing with Mike as she read them out on air at the Manchester-based station.

“She’s turned into such a mum bore It’s like she’s the only person to have a child,” she read. And she burst out laughing as she read the next comment: “She used to have an amazing feminine body but she’s ruined herself by trying to look like Hulk Hogan.”

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Gemma, 37, she saw the funny side at another troll’s comment: “She’s not worked for years the clown.” “I like the Hulk Hogan one. I do look a bit like Hulk Hogan don’t I?” said fitness fanatic Gemma. And Mike jokingly replied: “Yeah and you are a mum bore.”

Gemma shared a video of the on-air exchange as she addressed the trolls. “It’s definitely a certain type of person who comments on articles isn’t it (bless them) You have to laugh!” she wrote.

“Thankfully it’s water off a ducks back to me after 22 years in this industry. it’s the least of my worries what a stranger on the Internet thinks when my family, friends and colleagues know I’m fabulous.”

And she added: “In all seriousness though I hope these people one day find happiness in their life and start to enjoy it more. Because clearly at present they aren’t doing either.” And TV presenter Gabby Logan applauded: “Bravo.”

Hits Radio told her: “You definitely are fabulous.” Ali_betterfitterstronger said: “Love you can just laugh at all these sad people!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!” And wallacenicola wrote: “Gemma ur an inspiration to young girls/women x”

Former Hollyoaks and Emmerdale actress Gemma then went on to share a video of the singer Pink’s moving and inspiration speech about body positivity, embracing androgyny and acceptance at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2017 after her six-year-old daughter Willow called herself ‘ugly.’

Gemma, who has a two-year-old daughter Mia, wrote: “So many DMs about my post yesterday… They made me laugh, you guys are ace. There was some really honest and open msg from young people saying they wish they could ignore jibes about their appearance and asking how to do it (tried to reply to as many as poss) I was thinking about it though, and it saddens me so many ppl feel bad because of the words of others!

“It’s so unfair. Especially stories of bullying in school Basing your self worth on the s****y opinions of others… Im far from an expert in anything, but I’ve always found this video of Pink explaining to her daughter how it’s never about you, and it’s those people, the bullies who need to change. I hope it helps whoever needs it today.”

Former Strictly Come Dancing finalist Gemma previously took a swipe at people who say women who train in the gym are “too strong” or “too masculine”, saying she isn’t changing for anyone. For a 2017 interview with Women’s Health magazine she dished out some motivating words for her followers.

She said: “Speaking out to trolls who say ladies who train are ‘too strong’ or ‘too masculine’ or ‘too intimidating’ Well we ain’t changing for you I’m afraid!” And she added: “Suck it up buttercup… Oh and if you train a bit harder, maybe you’ll look like a man one day too.”