Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield left in stitches over Miriam Margolyes’ actions during ad break

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in stitches as they let slip what Miriam Margolyes did during an ad break.

The actress was back on the ITV show on Monday to chat about her new show.

Miriam is teaming up with Alan Cumming as they head north to Scotland in a motorhome in Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland.

But she also had another unusual role on today’s show – an agony aunt.

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This Morning opened up the phone lines for viewers to get in touch to get any advice they wanted from Miriam.

Phillip issued a warning at the start of the show about the upcoming segment.

And it went down a storm with viewers.

However, when the show returned after an advert break, the show’s co-hosts struggled to compose themselves.

Holly playfully hit Phillip on the arm while muttering “stop it”, to which Phil replied: “I can’t, I can’t.

Miriam looked a bit sheepish

But he then outed their 80-year-old guest – and revealed the reason for their giggles.

“Professionally I know I should pull myself together but Miriam’s just done the most enormous fart,” he laughed.

A sheepish Miriam quickly responded: “You outed me” as Phil joked: “You outed it!”

“It was just when we came out of the break, there was no pulling myself together then,”

Holly was seen wiping tears from her face, before telling viewer: “I’m so sorry, if we could have pulled ourselves together we wouldn’t have said anything.”

Holly and Phil couldn’t keep it together

Phil tried to justify their laughter by adding: “But on purpose, it wasn’t as if she tried to keep it in. She actually lifted up and said, ‘That’s better’.”

And it appears Miriam later got her own back with a cheeky comment of her own at Phil.

Earlier in the show when asked what kind of problems viewers should be getting in touch for Miriam to talk about to which she said she was willing to discuss all topics including sex.

And so they did, with the Harry Potter star suggesting that people who are starting to date should wait, before jokingly adding: “Unlike you, Phil.”

Stunned by the response, Phillip laughed: “I don’t know what that means?”

Holly then asked: “What do you know that I don’t?” with Phil repeating the question.

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