Holly Willoughby on the ‘weird’ moment she was told she’d find fame

Holly Willoughby has always been destined for life in the spotlight.

The This Morning star, who started her career as a model before landing a job as a children’s TV presenter, has revealed the ‘weird’ moment she was told she’d find fame.

Holly, 40, said a psychic told her she’d be a household name during a chat on her By The Light Of The Moon podcast.

The mum-of-three was chatting to comedian and The Wheel host Michael McIntyre when they got onto the subject of their experience with psychic mediums.

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She explained: ‘When I was younger I remember going to, I think it was either Eastbourne Pier or Brighton Pier, I can’t remember. There was a psychic lady at the end. My mum took me and my sister to go.

“She said to me: ‘You’re going to be a household name.’ Blah blah blah blah blah.

“We just fobbed her off thinking she probably literally says this to absolutely every little kid who walks in because it’s just a nice thing to say.”

Holly added: “Weird though, eh?”

Holly has been hosting This Morning for 12 years

Michael also spoke about his mother’s experience with a psychic.

He detailed how she was told, while pregnant with the TV star, that her baby was going to go on to great things.

Michael said: “I think having that information when I was young…being told you’re going to be something very special, gave me a bit of an inner glow… it made me feel quite good about myself, like a had a secret that great things were going to happen and maybe it helped fulfill that a little bit.”

Holly recently recalled the first modelling job she ever had before shooting to TV fame – but she didn’t want her friends to see.

Holly was talking to Michael McIntyre

Revealing all on The Jonathon Ross Show earlier this month: “My first job was for sanitary towels. I remember all my friends saying, ‘Let’s see you in a magazine.

“[I was there saying] ‘Don’t look at it!’ I was the face of sanitary towels.”

Holly quit modelling when she was 17 and revealed the reason why back in November while promoting her book, Reflections.

The TV star has been at the helm of This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield since 2009 when she took over from Ferne Britton.

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