Holly Willoughby welcomes adorable new addition to her family

Holly Willoughby has announced a brand new addition to her family.

The This Morning presenter, who has been absent from the show for three days after falling ill, revealed she has got a new furry friend.

The TV star showed off the newest member of her family to fans – an adorable Golden Retriever named Bailey.

40-year-old Holly said her, husband Dan Baldwin and their three children are ‘completely in love’.

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Sharing the news to fans on her lifestyle site Wylde Moon, Holly revealed: “Bailey came into our life this month and has changed everything.

“My daughter has been campaigning for us to get a dog since she was able to talk, and we have been waiting for the right time for a dog to fit into our family life. Now, is that time.

“This little ball of scrumptious energy bounded into our world and immediately made us question why on earth we have waited so long.

“She’s been brilliant for getting us all out of the house, going on long walks and playing in the garden.

“During lockdown, the kids gravitated to being on screens more than normal, but Bailey has come in and pushed a giant paw-shaped, reset button for all us…and of course we are completely in love.”

Her adorable Golden Retriever named Bailey

Earlier this week, Josie Gibson was called in to replace Holly on This Morning after she was struck down with a stomach bug.

Phillip Schofield’s co-host, who was off sick for three days, has revealed all on her site.

“Last week I was struck down with a tummy bug and for 48 hours I was really not in a very good way,” Holly said.

“I couldn’t take the kids to school, I couldn’t go to work and I couldn’t take the dog for a walk, but that didn’t stop Bailey lovingly sitting at my feet all day long.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the slight smell of dog food was doing nothing for my swirling nausea, but nonetheless, just having her there made me feel so much better.”

Holly has said that she should be back on the This Morning sofa on Monday.

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