Holly Willoughy rules herself out of This Morning as she sends message to Josie Gibson

Holly Willoughby has ruled herself out of This Morning for a second day.

The TV star pulled out of the ITV show at the last minute on Tuesday (November 16) leaving Phillip Schofield with no co-host an hour before the show.

But in a quick turnaround, Josie Gibson was drafted in to present the show.

Phil quickly explained to viewers on Tuesday why Holly was off before welcoming the former Big Brother winner onto the sofa.

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“Holly is not here today because she’s got a tummy bug – nothing more than that,” he said yesterday.

“She’ll probably be back tomorrow but you [Josie] were parachuted in.”

Josie laughed and said: “I couldn’t believe it. I thought they’d got the wrong number, Phil.

“Honestly, I said ‘You’ve phoned Josie’, but how surreal. I’ve grown up watching the show and now I’m sat alongside you.

Josie Gibson hosts This Morning with Phillip Schofield

While Phil thought his co-star and pal would be back today (Wednesday), the 40-year-old presenter has ruled herself out.

Sending a message on Instagram to her replacement, Holly said: “Thank you @josiegibson85 for saving the day yesterday…. you are a dream.

“I’ll be back as soon as I’m in no threat of vomiting on @schofe.”

Holly posted her message on Instagram

This Morning viewers were quick to send their get well soon messages to Holly.

But they were soon making a demand about the show.

Josie was on her way to present the show’s competition segment in Surrey when she was drafted in as the main host alongside Phil.

Holly and Phil usually show the show from Monday to Thursday but there’s no sign of Holly returning this week.

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