Infuriated Corrie viewers slam ‘smug’ Corey as he returns to the street and confronts James

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Infuriated Coronation Street viewers slammed ‘smug’ Corey Brent as he made an appearance on the street.

Nina Lucas has waged a campaign against her boyfriend’s killer after he was found not guilty last month.

The promising footballer was revealed as the one responsible for kicking Seb Franklin until he couldn’t move, later resulting in his heartbreaking death.

After standing trial alongside Kelly Neelan, Corey walked free from court while Kelly was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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During Monday night’s double bill, viewers saw an unsettled Nina putting up posters encouraging Weatherfield County’s No.10 to ‘tell the truth’.

It comes as Corey’s footballing career goes from strength to strength, with him making his first-team debut and scoring a goal.

But Corey’s games continued as he gave a press conference waiving his anonymity and declaring his innocent – blaming Seb’s friends and family for trying to ruin his name.

He then went on to dedicate his goal to Seb, leaving Nina furious.

Nina spotted Corey in Seb’s memorial garden

Corey then made his way onto the street with teammate James Bailey, who he confronted after finding out he tried to get him dropped from the team.

He tries to convince James that he is innocent and tried to make out that he and James are in the same position and tried to compare their situations.

“I’m black, gay and working class,” James told him. “You’re white, straight and wealthy. We might play on the same team but we aren’t in the same boat.”

James wasn’t accepting Corey’s comments

Corey was then spotted by Nina at Seb’s memorial garden, laughing on his about James.

Nina began to rev her Uncle Roy’s car as she saw red, only for Asha to appear and tell Corey to stay away.

But the various moments with Corey on-screen left Corrie fans fuming.

“Corey is despicable. He got away with it. You’d think he would let it drop but no, he just can’t help but taunt everyone! #Corrie,” tweeted one.

Corey was told to stay away by Asha

Another said: “As if kicking someone to death due to hating how they look isn’t enough, Corey’s mocking his ‘teammate’ for his sexuality? He’s actually disgusting. If I’d been Nina, I wouldn’t have been able to contain my anger. #corrie #coronationstreet.”

“Is anyone else utterly infuriated by the recent storyline in @itvcorrie @ITV with #CoreyBrent and the #SebFranklin murder. I know I am. It’s utterly stupid and ridiculous. It’s also unrealistic. Corey should be in prison. Come on #Corrie you’re getting on the viewers nerves,” a third commented.

A fourth added: “How Nina didn’t run Corey over I will never know that smug look on his face makes my skin crawl. #Corrie.”

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