Inside the Manchester brow salon loved by Christine McGuinness and ITV Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor and Brooke Vincent

If there’s one thing about Manchester, it’s glamour. With so many Coronation street icons, reality stars and WAGs here, you don’t have to go far to see someone who looks a million dollars.

That said, there are plenty of beauty salons dotted around to keep Manchester’s A-listers, and those who want the A-list treatment, glam. And salon is particularly popular with celebrities when it comes to statement fluffy brows.

Brows by Sarah is tucked away in Altrincham, making it the perfect, discreet spot for some pampering. If you book an appointment here, don’t be surprised if you see someone off the telly.

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The salon is owned by Sarah Fogg, a celebrity permanent make-up artist and cosmetic tattooist. Sarah has trained in the craft of brows for five years and owns her own salon, Brows by Sarah, along with a training academy.

Sarah has an impressive celebrity clientele list, with some of Manchester’s biggest A-listers to name. These include: Olivia Attwood, Real Housewives of Cheshire stars Hanna Kinsella, Lauren Simon and Seema Malhotra, Christine McGuinness, Coronation Street stars Faye Brookes, Sally Dynevor and Brooke Vincent, and Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton.

Sarah with Coronation Street legend Sally Dynevor

Sarah with Coronation Street legend Sally Dynevor

You may recognise the salon if you’re a fan of absolute hun Olivia Attwood’s ITV show Olivia Meets her Match. Sarah’s done her brows on the show, so if you’re wondering how Liv’s brows always look so groomed, now you know her not-so-secret secret.

I went to the salon myself to experience Sarah’s HD brow treatment, and I was not disappointed. Sarah asks you exactly how you’d like your brows, but knowing she’s the expert, I told her to choose for me. She colour matched my hair with my brow, and opted for a mocha shade.

After selecting the shade, Sarah outlined my brows and explained what needed changing. Sarah pointed out that one of my brows was marginally longer than the other, and suggested evening them out for an ‘instant face lift’. I of course agreed – who’s going to say no to that?

Once the shade and shape was selected, Sarah started to get going on my brows. The whole experience was like going to a mate’s house for a catch up. I’ve never met Sarah before, but honestly, we got on like a house on fire.

Brows by Sarah previously appeared on Olivia Attwood's ITV show

Brows by Sarah has featured in Olivia Attwood’s ITV show

She’s hilarious and had me laughing pretty much the whole way through. And the most amazing bit? My brows still looked PERFECT.

Sarah was very particular with them, and wouldn’t let me leave until she was completely satisfied. I loved that. There was no air of rushing a client in and out as quickly as possible – it was all about achieving perfection.

Sarah also kept making me check the progress to ensure I was happy with it, and made it clear that I could ask for anything to be added or changed where necessary (I didn’t need to). She was also right about the instant face lift. When I took a look in the mirror to see the results, my face did look lifted. I was surprised, to be honest, because I usually need a full face of makeup to look like I’m not a member of the walking dead. But with brows tailored to frame my features, less makeup is needed.

My finished brows

It’s so easy to see why so many celebrities choose Sarah. Obviously she’s incredibly skilled at her craft, and her results speak for themselves. But beyond that, Brows by Sarah is a welcoming, and more importantly, ENJOYABLE experience.

You really don’t have to be a member of the Coronation Street or Love Island club to feel like a VIP in the salon. From the way it’s designed to the treatment you receive, you really do feel like a celeb from start to finish.

It’s no wonder, then, that the salon has a waiting list that stretches well into October. Sarah did, however, tell me that she is training more people to perform the brow technique she has honed over the years.

So while you may not get Sarah yourself if you want an appointment sooner than December, you will get somebody who is trained to give the same results.

As well as training more staff, Sarah has now launched a brow range for people who want to get the same eyebrows as Christine McGuinness and Coronation Street stars at home. This is great if you don’t want to pay for an appointment, or just want to enhance the brows you currently have.

Products available include:

  • Fluff It Up (£39.00), the super lightweight, but strong clear gel that lifts, fixes & sculpts brows instantly
  • Wow Brow (£39.00), a 3 in 1 brow product adding depth, breadth and definition with a regrowth property that instantly adds colour to your brow hair whilst adding immediate definition with the built-in brow sculpt.
  • Airport Friendly Makeup Bag (£16.00), a deceptively spacious makeup bag to keep your travel necessities in one place.

Brows by Sarah says: “Sarah’s product range is vegan, sustainable and cruelty free, and standing apart from the market, the products are clinically proven, naturally derived and scientifically engineered. The Wow Brow itself is revolutionary – not just brow enhancing, but a thickening serum with the choice of two pigments that instantly intensifies each individual hair for an immediate effect, whilst reactivating hair growth too.

“Fluff it Up also not only sculpts the brow, but treats the skin with a complex combination of plant extracts that improves skin elasticity & encourages collagen production. The product range goes above and beyond to ensure your brows are receiving long lasting results as well as an immediate pop of pigment and shape.”

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