ITV Coronation Street fans point out flaw in Craig Tinker’s policing skills

Craig Tinker is working hard to be Weatherfield’s top cop.

But Coronation Street fans have pointed out a flaw that sees his keenness to solve crimes and interest in his job potentially cause problems.

Craig has been working on a case that, unbeknown to him, is very close to home.

Earlier this week, viewers of the ITV soap saw his girlfriend Faye Windass and neighbour Emma Brooker involved in an accident.

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Learner driver Faye was driving Tim’s taxi home as Emma was still a bit tipsy from the New Year’s Eve party from the night before.

But she ended up knocking over Ted, an elderly gentleman who dropped his shopping into the road.

He soon got up and appeared unharmed by the bump, so the girls dropped him off back home and sorted him out with a brew.

When they returned to the street, panic about what they had done surfaced and they decided to go back and check on Ted.

But when they did, they discovered him dead in his armchair.

Ted died earlier this week

Panicked, the pair decided to keep what had happened a secret, tried to clean the flat to erase any evidence of them being there and left acting as if nothing had happened.

That was, until, the guilt got to Emma and she anonymously phoned the police, claiming she was concerned about a neighbour she hadn’t seen lately.

Earlier this week, Craig told Emma and Faye that he had been out to a man’s flat after a tip-off – and the girls knew exactly what he was referring to.

Then during Wednesday night’s show, Faye asked if Craig had heard any more about the case.

Craig is unaware of what Faye and Emma have done

“We’re still waiting for a postmortem and for forensics to do another sweep,” he said. “We are worried though, we want answers.

“I got a lead today though. I was at the property and a neighbour said that he let a delivery driver into the building.”

And as we know, Emma signed for the parcel.

But it’s left Corrie fans pointing out the same problem.

@ChrisHe911 said: “#Corrie Craig ain’t very confidential for a copper?”

Craig and Faye have moved in to Emma’s flat

“Should Craig be telling them all that #Corrie,” @DionPetrie @ADADAPPADAN

@ADADAPPADAN tweeted: “You can’t be blurting out all these confidential things to ’em, Craig! #Corrie.”

“Craig really should have lessons on how to remain confidential #Corrie,” @moore95_pamela wrote.

@GrianneDoherty1 added: “Is Craig really allowed to go round openly talking about cases like that? Ain’t there protocols to follow or something? Meanwhile he just goes home & immediately tells his Girlfriend absolutely everything like it’s just some random gossip seriously? Ain’t that illegal? #Corrie.”

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