ITV Coronation Street fans predict ‘new romance’ after ‘missing’ storyline

Coronation Street fans think a brand new romance could be brewing on the cobbles. During Monday night’s trip to the cobbles (June 13), viewers saw Todd Grimshaw and Paul Ashworth come together once again in a bid to help Summer Spellman.

The teen hasn’t had the easiest of times of late. She has struggled after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes while also putting in the hours revising for her exams in order to secure her place at Oxford University. However, Summer has been playing a dangerous game with her health.

She has been struggling with an eating disorder after struggling with the effects her new diagnosis and having to inject insulin was having on her body – all while pushing herself to the limits with her school work. Things appeared to come to a head when she ended up in hospital after going into a diabetic coma.

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Her guardian Billy Mayhew discovered the true extent of her struggles and promised to get her the help she needed which led her to join a diabetes support group where she met newcomer Aaron, played by James Craven. But then with her exams finally here, the teen ended up having to leave her maths assessment early after being unable to see.

Summer, played by Harriet Bibby, hadn’t been using her insulin properly and without her diabetes kit with her in the exam hall, she was taken to the hospital. While laid up in a hospital bed, Summer was questioned by a concerned Billy over whether her neglecting her condition was being done on purpose.

Then last week, fans of the ITV soap were left furious when Aadi Alahan was accused of cheating in his exam when in fact it was Summer who attempted to sneak in the revision cards he had made to help her. The truth, however, has since come out with Summer confessing to her wrongdoing.

Todd tried to get through to Summer

She has now decided she doesn’t want to go to university and failed to join Billy at a meeting with the head of Weatherfield High, Mrs Crawshaw. Instead, she was planning to jet of with Aaron as the pair decided to give their romance another go. However, it didn’t stop Billy trying to change her mind about uni and enlisted the help of Todd and Paul.

After joking that they’d be ‘good cop and bad cop’, the pair headed to the flat where Summer was quick to figure out that it was Billy who sent them. And their advice fell on deaf ears as Summer wasn’t willing to change her decision. But despite the attention mainly being on Summer, some Corrie fans think more could be going on with Todd and Paul.

Fans were distracted by a possible romance

@MaryBallum tweeted: “#Corrie Are Todd & Paul actually gonna be mates. Or are they gonna get together or is Todd or Paul gonna get back with Billy?” Nadine Foy also echoed on Facebook: “I think Todd and Paul are getting close too, new romance on the cards I wonder.”

It comes after soap fans wondered if they had ‘missed something’ earlier in the year when Billy, Paul, and Todd appeared to forget all their drama. They questioned when the group had suddenly ‘made up’ after Todd’s scheming was discovered.