ITV Coronation Street fans say they’ve ‘had enough’ as they ‘work out’ Tim affair twist

Coronation Street fans are pretty sure they’ve ‘worked out’ what is next for Tim Metcalfe in the ITV soap as his impotence continues to plague his relationship with wife Sally. For months viewers have watched the usually energetic cab driver become a shell of his former self as he struggled to get amorous with his wife following his life-saving heart surgery.

More recently, the couple tried sex therapy to try combat their troubles in the bedroom but unbeknown to Sally, Tim tried another way of getting things back on track. Corrie viewers have seen that he has started watching pornography at home while Sally’s out.

But during Monday’s trip to the cobbles (August 1), Sally was left devastated to discover what Tim had been up to after she jumped on his laptop and found he hadn’t done much to hide his internet history. Furious, Sally sent Tim off to the Casino Night at the Bistro on his own.

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And later, when the evening was cut short due to the staged robbery, Tim headed back home to No.4 only to find a note from Sally telling him that she’s made up the spare bed for him. The next morning, Tim attempted to put things right with his wife but she accused him of shutting her out and suggests they have some time apart.

She was also left further upset during Wednesday night’s Corrie (August 3) when Underworld boss Carla Connor spoke about how Tim’s luck was in during the Casino Night and that he appeared to be having a great time. But as Sally festers over his betrayal, in Victoria Garden, Tim unburdens himself to Aggie and Aggie urges him to share his worries with Sally.

Sally found out about Tim watching pron as their bedroom woes continued

Tim then returned home and tells Sally about his fear of dying but Sally wonders what made him finally realise as he fails to mention Aggie. And Corrie fans think they have figured out a huge ‘affair’ twist could be on the way.

@ella_rillette said: “Is it just me or does it seem like Tim and Aggie are going to become a thing??” @shannonoreily08 commented: “If Tim and Aggie aren’t going to have an affair then move this story along i would.”

@GeorgiaBowring tweeted: “#Corrie Here me now! Tim and Aggie will have an affair!” Hazel Sanderson wrote on Facebook: “Tim and Aggie could have an affair at Christmas. They get on so well.” Diana Stevenson shared: “Wonder how long will be till him and Aggie having an affair?” Lynda Ager-Street echoed: “How long before an affair is happening.” Ange West added: “He will end up having an affair with Maggie.”

Tim sought advice from Aggie

But it appears Corrie viewers want to see the end of Tim and Sally’s troubles very soon. @bossylola1864 said: “I’m over this sick of hearing about his sex life it’s gross and the porn on the laptop was embarrassing he be out on the streets looking for somewhere else to stay if it was my husband.”

@bondonese commented: “Enough already with this story.” Dee Smith wrote on Facebook: “This story has been going on to long now,put it to bed now! excuse the phrase.”