ITV Coronation Street fans think they have spotted two soap icons during Kelly’s cellar scenes

Coronation Street fans were left pretty distracted as Kelly Neelan’s kidnap ordeal continued. The last time viewers of the ITV soap saw the teen, played by Millie Gibson, she was pleading to be set free after being bundled into a grotty cellar. As fans know, Kelly has been trying to right her late dad’s wrongs by using his money to pay his clients back.

While things had been going to plan, that all changed when she knocked at the door of Ross who soon realised Kelly was Rick Neelan’s daughter and as the schoolgirl backed away from his house after handing over the envelope of cash, he made a mysterious phone call.

The next thing viewers knew, Kelly had been kidnapped and made prisoner and it wasn’t until Monday night’s episode (July 18) that viewers saw exactly show it was who was inciting some kind of revenge.

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Corrie fans saw Ross back on the scene and he was joined by Kieron who was making his feeling very clear to a distressed Kelly. Meanwhile, her guardians Gary and Maria realised Kelly had not been home all night and when Aadi tells them she went to see another of her dad’s old clients Gary panics.

Kieran gave Kelly her phone and told her to text Gary to tell him she is fine. But when Gary gets the text telling him to let her mum know she is ok he quickly knew something wasn’t right.

Meanwhile, Kieron was telling Kelly he wants the rest of her dad’s money despite her cries that she hasn’t got anymore and she’s given away all he’s got. Undeterred, he called Gary from her phone to tell him that if wants to see Kelly alive again, he needs to come up with £50k.

However, Corrie viewers were distracted by the pair of heavies who managed to capture Kelly and keep her prisoner as they reminded them of two rival iconic soap stars. @pam_debeauvoir tweeted: “Phil and Grant Mitchell in Corrie?? #Corrie.” @RyanGSoapKing11 wrote: “I hope that Kelly doesn’t get hurt by #Corrie’s Phil Mitchell.”

Corrie fans were distracted by Kelly’s kidnappers

@PJDavies1962 commented: “Phil lad your in the wrong soap #corrie.” @AntMelia94 asked: “Why are Phil and Grant Mitchell holding Kelly hostage in the Tower of London, may I ask? #Corrie.” Rachel-Amy Snowden wrote on Facebook: “Thought Phil Mitchel had gone to the wrong soap for a minute.”

Corrie viewers were also left annoyed when Gary made a vital error when she cleverly managed to make a call to his phone. @DannyFlexen tweeted: “With Kelly missing and possibly in danger, Gary leaves his phone unattended. Just bad writing. #Corrie.” @janwilkins59 said: “You’re desperately worried about somebody, so that’s the single time when you leave your phone at home!! #Corrie.”

@unsworth1live echoed: “#Corrie your worried about your foster daughter being missing so Gary put’s his phone on silent & leave’s it on a random table. WTF!!” @ConversationStr shared: “Gary, WTF are you doing not having your phone on you at every single second of the day when you have a MISSING CHILD?! #corrie.”