ITV Coronation Street star Paddy Bever comments on Love Island saying it ‘needs to be said’

Coronation Street star Paddy Bever has commented on this year’s Love Island as he shared a post about trolling. Fans are used to seeing the actor playing Max Turner in the ITV soap, a role he took over from another actor in 2021.

The 19-year-old shared a post from We Are Fell Good Club on Instagram. They had written out a post which read: “The contests on Love Island are real people with real feelings. Being on TV doesn’t make it okay to troll and make hurtful comments about somebody online.”

It comes over a week after the eighth series of the ITV2 dating show began. A bunch of new singletons have headed to Mallorca in the hope of finding love in the famous villa. And there had already been plenty of drama with bombshell after bombshell spicing things up.

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But with the show set to be on for much longer yet, alongside the post, Paddy simply said: “Feel like this needs to be said.” And he is, of course, not wrong.

His post also comes after it was revealed that Love Islands had been slapped with hundreds of complaints. It was revealed on Wednesday (June 15) that broadcasting watchdog Ofcom had received more than 200 complaints in its first week. The hit dating programme received 167 complaints for its episode on June 7 over the age gap between two of its contestants, Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti while the show received a further 93 complaints for its June 12 episode, with most of these also in relation to the ages of the contestants.

As for Paddy, the actor has teased an interesting storyline coming up for him on the ITV soap. Earlier this month we reported how his character Max had found a love interest after being kicked out of school and sent to a Pupil Referral Unit for a year.

Paddy shared the message on Instagram

He has taken a liking to newcomer Sonya, one of the girls he and his new friends from the PFU have been hanging around with. And things appeared to be being taken to the next step when the smitten teen got chatting to his potential love interest. In scenes aired last week, the teen’s messages soon became flirty, with Sonya calling Max ‘cute’ before the pair appeared to agree to go out on a date.

But Max baffled Corrie fans with his use of one particular slang world. As Sonya called him ‘cute’, Max replied: “I think the word you’re looking for is… Hench.” However, many viewers think there is more to come with the storyline with many predicting that Max isn’t talking to Sonya after all and that he is being catfished by the group of lads he has met at the PFU.

Max is set to get into some bother on the cobbles

And they may just be right. In upcoming scenes Max will face a horrific ordeal as he is tricked into sending a naked picture of himself. The terrifying situation leads to Max being blackmailed as the mysterious account tells him to hand over cash and if not, the picture will go viral.

Speaking to the Metro at the British Soap Awards, Paddy said: “There is a harrowing moment for Max. There were points in which everyone on set felt quite uncomfortable, while that was difficult, it was also really rewarding. I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.”