ITV Coronation Street viewers fume it’s the ’21st century’ as they slam Toyah’s attitude

Toyah Habeeb has come under fire from Coronation Street viewers as she was accused of the murder of her husband Imran Habeeb. Fans of the ITV soap were left shocked when they discovered the councillor crashed her car as her husband came clean to her about his attempts to win custody of baby Alfie.

Toyah had claimed she couldn’t remember anything before the car she was driving, with Imran in the passenger seat, ploughed into a scaffolding-clad building earlier this month. But days after the crash, viewers saw Toyah appear to remember exactly what had happened, as she deleted an incriminating voicemail from the solicitor.

Then finally, through flashback scenes, fans of the ITV soap saw that her husband had confessed to her during the car journey about framing addict Abi Webster so that the couple could keep baby Alfie, who was born earlier this year after Imran and Abi had a one-night stand.

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But with Imran’s colleague and friend Adam Barlow no longer on her side, and others not believing Toyah is innocent, the character is facing time in prison as she was charged with her husband’s murder. And with Adam no longer defending her, she needed to find a new legal representative.

And in walked Kim Wallis who arrived to try and clear Toyah’s name, but she wasn’t impressed. She quickly turned her nose up at Kim’s arm tattoo and made repeated references to the inking as Kim warned she’d better change her attitude as she tried to explain there is a mountain of evidence against her.

Kim tried to convince her that her only way out was to claim she wasn’t in the best mental state when she got into the car but Toyah was against lying about being suicidal. Later, Toyah pleaded her innocence to sister her Leanne after she was charged but even she appears to be believing the evidence that is stacked against her sibling.

Kim tried to help Toyah but she wasn’t having any of it

But despite the dramatic scenes, Coronation Street fans were furious as Toyah’s reference to Kim’s tattoo. @rocknroll66 tweeted: “What was with the depressing, out of date, obsession with tattoos tonight? Totally unbelievable ‘Corrie.” @WhiteLynsay said: “Very annoying episode tonight especially going on about tattoos. Like it makes you a bad person if you have one.”

@CxxPIPxx commented: “Surely not open-minded, bohemian Toyah judging someone for having tattoos. Murderers can’t be choosers, pet #Corrie.” @devereaux_pam wrote: “Toyah judging the lawyer & her tattoo, believing she can’t represent her unless she covers it. The cheek #Corrie.” @TillyFlop1 fumed: “I’m absolutely disgusted at the comments from Toyah to her solicitor on @itvcorrie about tattoos!!! I have 3 & I’m not ashamed of them!!!”

Paula Curtis said on Facebook: “This issue with the tattoo was just so awful. Corrie why!!?? It’s the 21st century.” Fray Street shared: “The lawyer was very unprofessional, but I hate the way Toyah kemp judging her on her tattoo. I thought Toyah was better than that.”

Kim is played by Rebecca Hesketh-Smith an actress who has previously starred in the Manchester-based drama Life in 2020, the Sky series Britannia and Casualty. Rebecca also starred in the BBC Two TV film Mother’s Day about the 1993 Warrington bomb attack.