ITV Corrie ‘drama queen’ Mollie Gallagher looks stunning as fans celebrate return to screen

Coronation Street star Mollie Gallagher dubbed herself a ‘drama queen’ as she posed for a few selfies. The actress is best known for playing Nina Lucas in the ITV soap. Fans have been celebrating her return to screen.

Following her huge storyline last year, which saw her and her boyfriend Seb Franklin attacked by Corey Brent and his mates for the way she looked, the soap star hasn’t spent as much time on-screen.

But during Wednesday night’s trip to the cobbles, Nina cast a supportive and concerned eye over her girlfriend Asha Alahan, played by Tanisha Gorey comforted her best pal Amy Barlow, portrayed by Elle Mulvaney, after she revealed she was struggling in silence since being spiked.

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In Wednesday night’s trip to the cobbles, Amy was seen obsessing over something on her phone while having breakfast with her mum, Tracy, in the café. She then rushed off, saying “I knew it” and we later saw the terrified teen assume Brett, a fellow student, was responsible for putting her in hospital due to his admiring glances.

This led to Amy confronting her fellow student and when he denied her accusations, she lashed out and ended up throwing a cup of coffee over him. All of this was witnessed by Max and he later found Amy and Asha in the café and confessed.

Despite the upsetting scenes, Corrie fans were pleased to see Nina. @RyanGTweetsTV tweeted: “Nina is back #Corrie,” alongside a smiling face with hearts emoji before adding: “I adore Nina’s hair.”

Nina was in the cafe as Amy found out the truth about her spiking ordeal

@Samanth22356123 commented: “Feels like ages since we’ve seen Nina! #Corrie,” while @OliReading said: “#Corrie I’m still not used to blonde Nina.”

Mollie showed off her new hair and looked unrecognisable from her iconic goth character at the end of last year, just a couple of months after she was left ‘speechless’ when she won her first National Television Award. The actress, 24, has since regularly been showing off her enviable dark curly locks – which now feature chunks of ice white blonde framing the front of her face.

Posting a trio of selfies to her Instagram page, Mollie wrote to her thousands of followers: “Drama queen” referencing the sign which had been put in a gold frame behind her. The soap star was rocking a peachy make-up look with a pair of statement drop earring while here hair was styled in a half-up, half-down do.

@justinraff2021 commented: “You looks beautiful Mollie.”

“Absolutely Gorgeous as always,” @nicdell2001 said.

@taylor_mclelland wrote: “Wow @mollie.gallagher_ you’re so beautiful.”

She has since returned to Instagram with another seflie, throwing up a peace sign to the camera while giving a pout. “S ometimes I just have nothing to say,” she captioned the snap which featured black handbags hanging on the wall. “ 19 year old mollie would be shocked,” she added.

Former Corrie star Kel Allen, who played Laura Neelan in the soap up until her heartbreaking death earlier this month, was among those to comment, writing: “Here she is!!!!” with a white heart as fans obsessed over Mollie’s hair.