ITV Emmerdale fans figure out downfall for girls who attacked Nicola as they guess identity

Fans were horrified when they witnessed Nicola King being attacked in the latest episode of Emmerdale. The character, played by Nicola Wheeler, was set upon by a group of girls after she headed back to her car which had been left in a multi-story car park.

Nicola had been out with half-sister Bernice Blackstock and Laurel Thomas. They had been enjoying a drink when newly singly Laurel caught the eye of a man in a bar who was out with all his colleagues. Bernice also got chatting to some of the other revellers leaving Nicola to head off early.

But before she left, Bernice told her that she had left her house keys in her car so Nicola went back to get them. As she arrived at the car park, she came across two girls who appeared to have been drinking. As she made a comment about the pair, they retaliated before another couple of girls joined them.

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As they exchange words, the girls ended up tormenting Nicola, getting hold of her bag and going through her belongings. They then threw her phone across the ground as well as her keys before making her ‘go fetch’ them. As she picked up her smashed phone, the group wasn’t prepared to let Nicola walk away and shoved her to the floor.

As she lay begging for them to leave her alone, one member of the gang began to kick her while the others laughed and filmed the disgusting attack. The violence didn’t stop and eventually, Nicola was left on the floor, alone, with no one around to help her.

But before they all ran away, one of the girls walked up to Nicola, with the victim just able to see her white trainers. The girl apologised to a helpless Nicole before doing a runner with the rest of the gang.

Nicola was left on the ground

And Emmerdale fans have been speculating as to who the girl who apologised could be, with some even believing they could be linked to the village. @Spinkzilla said: “Wonder if the girl with white trainers is Chloe? A wild guess IF Nicola recognises the same trainers in the village #emmerdale.” @RyanGSoapKing11 wrote: “This attack seems really random. I wonder if Nicola knows one of those girls? #Emmerdale.”

@010101ray echoed: “Is the girl who said sorry at the end someone who knows nicola maybe #emmerdale.” @griannedoherty2 shared: “Who was the one who actually apologised though? Surely not someone Nicola knows from the village right? Chloe maybe even?#Emmerdale #JusticeForNicola.” @~margy_1954 then suggested: “I think the one who said sorry..was Bobs daughter sad

Discussing what could be their downfall, @Bebop76845845 tweeted: “Nicola will recognise the trainers on someone in the village next #emmerdale.” @noelphobic said: “There must be CCTV in that car park #emmerdale.” @Mel_Navan commented: “#Emmerdale Surely there’ll be cctv there?”