ITV Emmerdale fans point out error as they’re left struggling to watch Marlon Dingle scenes

There were celebrations at the start of the week in Emmerdale as Marlon Dingle was allowed to return home after weeks in hospital. It comes after viewers were left in shock and tears last month when the beloved character suffered a stroke.

Marlon had just got engaged to girlfriend Rhona Goskirk after they both planned secret proposals when tragedy struck. A giddy Marlon rushed home to pick up Rhoan’s engagement ring which he had accidentally forgotten and as he searched for the sparkler, his vision became blurred, before he looked in the mirror and realised his face had drooped on one side and he was unable to speak, despite desperately running through his thoughts in his own head.

He was then found collapsed on the floor by his terrified young daughter April before he was rushed to the hospital where nurses confirmed he suffered a stroke and needed to undergo emergency surgery to remove the blood clot on the left side of his brain. Since then, Emmerdale fans have watched Marlon begin his recovery and the challenges he and his loyal family face.

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But there was a bit of joy during Monday night’s edition of the soap when the chef arrived back in the village. This, however, was soon short-lived as in Tuesday night’s trip to the Dales (April 26) fans watched in horror as his daughter April tried to help him. After reading him a story, Marlon asked the schoolgirl for a drink.

She picked up the beaker of water and helped her dad take a drink when he started to choke. April immediately panicked and desperately shouted for Rhona to come and help. She then admitted that she thought her dad was having another stroke and later shared how she was scared that something bad is going to happen to her dad while she is with him.

But Emmerdale viewers were quick to point out April’s error. @rubyrache tweeted: “Sorry but the way April yanked her dad’s head back and gave him that drink, no wonder he choked! #Emmerdale.”

April tried to help care for her dad as he returned home

“The way April yanked Marlon’s head back to give him a drink #Emmerdale,” @AO3Trasha said.

@domain_harry commented: “April chucking water down marlon’s gob like she’s trying to put out a fire #emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale maybe they could’ve showed April how to help Marlon & what to do if he chocked or…..” @Chris1968E shared.

@EmperorMendoza wrote: “Jesus, April chill out, there’s no rush she nearly put the whole cup, down Marlon‘s throat #emmerdale.”

Rhona rushed to help

“Oh no! This isn’t going well at all with Marlon and April isn’t it! He’s only been home a day! #Emmerdale,” @Matt528chap added.

Fans were also sharing how the ITV soap was difficult to watch as the latest episode ended with Marlon telling Rhona he should go back to hospital after April’s outburst at dinner time.

@annenewbold5 said: “Watching this tonight was so sad and brought a tear to my and he’s a brilliant.”

“Its so hard what Marlon is going through. Even acting the part would be pretty up setting,” @mareejmurdoch commented.

@99laylalove shared: “This is too heartbreaking to watch,” as @katieke0 echoed: “Too sad to watch.”