ITV Emmerdale fans stunned over Charity pregnancy they ‘didn’t see coming’ as they ‘work out’ twist

Emmerdale fans were floored last week when they discovered teen Amelia Spencer was pregnant. And the surprises just kept coming in the ITV soap as they were left even more stunned during Wednesday night’s edition of the ITV soap (July 27) in which it was revealed Charity Dingle is also pregnant.

Last week Amelia found herself at the hospital after collapsing while holding Gabby Thomas’ son, Thomas, who she has been babysitting. The 15-year-old put it down to the weight gain syrup she had been guzzling in order to get the body she has been pouring over in magazines and on social media.

However, she was given a shock when she was told she is actually pregnant. It was revealed earlier this week that Amelia is around 20 weeks into her unexpected pregnancy and the emotional school girl has shared her plans to have an abortion. In last night’s episode, viewers saw Amelia at the clinic.

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As she left in turmoil over her secret, she bumped into Charity and quickly offered her some support after discovering she had been visiting her son, Noah, in prison. As Amelia asked Charity what she was doing at the clinic, Charity told her that she was suffering with fibroids.

Amelia was soon confiding in Charity about her own predicament and despite her saying he wasn’t, Charity assumed Noah was the father. After heading back to Charity’s, Amelia left and Charity was seen making a phone call. And it wasn’t until the end of the episode though that the truth was confirmed, as Charity was heard revealing her pregnancy on the phone as she too had booked in for a termination.

Charity found out about Amelia’s pregnancy

And it’s fair to say that Emmerdale viewers were not expecting. @Jamal06122771 tweeted: “Wow that’s a twist. Charity’s pregnant for Mackenzie, didn’t see that coming. #emmerdale.” @BenthamFans echoed: “Charity pregnant didn’t see that coming #Emmerdale.” @WiniBoansi commented: “Huuuuuuh?! Charity is also pregnant? omg #Emmerdale.”

@KelliPacham shared: “Omg i wasn’t expecting that….Amelia and Charity both pregnant! #Emmerdale.” @Dan240993 wrote: “Woah what Charity is pregnant again where has that just come from and how !!! #Emmerdale.” @dinglette1972 added: “What kind of water the women of #Emmerdale drinking? Charity pregnant too. Christ alive.”

Charity’s pregnancy was confirmed as she made a phone call

While everyone is assuming Mackenzie Boyd is the dad, others think another twist could be in store. @amelia121299 tweeted: “This could be the end of Charity & Mackenzie, I think he will want the baby and she doesn’t .#Emmerdale.” While @FiFiRobTO said: “What IF it ISN’T Mack’s? #emmerdale.”