ITV Emmerdale fans think they know one of Nicola’s attackers but are thrown off by detail

Emmerdale fans have been left wondering why Nicola King was the victim of a shock attack. Earlier this week the character was set upon by a group of girls after going out for a drink with half-sister Bernice Blackstock and Laurel Thomas.

The trio had headed out to a bar but with Nicola not drinking and single ladies Bernice and Lauren chatting up a couple of guys, she decided to leave early and went to her car. As she did, she came across two girls who had appeared to be drinking. Engaging in a few comments, Nicola was left outnumbered when more teens arrived and circled her.

The group ended up tormenting Nicola, getting hold of her bag and going through her belongings. They then threw her phone across the ground as well as her keys before making her ‘go fetch’ them. As she picked up her smashed phone, the group wasn’t prepared to let Nicola walk away and shoved her to the floor.

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And in horrifying scenes, the girls kicked her as she lay defenceless of the ground. Nicola begged them to stop as one member of the gang continued to kick her while the others laughed and filmed the disgusting attack. Eventually, Nicola was left on the floor, alone, with no one around to help her.

During Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales, Nicola was seen in the hospital where she denied any recollection of the attack. However, Gabby Thomas hurried in to the café and showed her mum and Laurel a video of the assault that had gone viral online. They ended up showing it to Nicola’s husband Jimmy who went back to the hospital and told Nicola he knew what had happened.

Being discharged back home, PC Harriet Finch got Nicola’s statement as she harrowingly recalled what had happened. She then expressed her fears that they could come and find her as they had her driver’s license. After Harriet left, Nicola broke down to Jimmy, leaving Emmerdale viewers feeling emotional.

Nicola was accosted by a group of girls

@RyanGSoapKing11 tweeted: “Poor Nicola hopefully she’ll get the bottom of who attacked her. The attack has changed her forever #Emmerdale. Massive Congratulations to @nicola_wheeler for last night’s episode.” @mishybabez_ wrote: “Aw nicola. So heartbreaking and bravo to @nicola_wheeler #Emmerdale.”

@BenthamFans commented: “My heart is truly broken for Nicola how she broke down in jimmy arms #emmerdale.” @perfectmanda added: “So sad to see someone who’s usually strong like Nicola so broken #emmerdale.”

But fans were quick to go back to a moment from the violate scenes during Tuesday night’s episode. Before running away, a single girl walked up to Nicola, with the camera focusing on her feet, and whispered an apology. And some think they know who it is.

Nicola broke down to Jimmy

Clair Thompson wrote on Facebook: “Who was the mystery voice when the group walked off. I thought it sounded like Kathy saying sorry.” Rose Kennedy replied: “Me too, I think those girls were going to that 18th that cathy and samson was going to.” Nikki Petters shared: “Could it be Chloe or Cathy wearing the white trainers?”

Jean Henly said; “But who was the girl at the end that said SORRY with the tattoo on the Ankle, sounds like she knew Nicola.” While @Jamal06122771 tweeted: “I have a feeling Nicola will bump into the one who said am sorry and remember the trainers she wore. #emmerdale.”

However, as the mystery voice was heard saying ‘sorry’, the camera was focused in on her trainers, showing a tattoo on her ankle. This has led others to think that it couldn’t be Bob Hope’s daughter. One said: “Was it not the tattoo on her foot that Nicola might remember to tell the police?”

As another fan replied: “Good thinking, but then it can’t be Amelia or Cathy [because] don’t they have to be 18 for a tattoo?”