ITV Good Morning Britain viewers make demand over Richard Madeley after ‘stupid’ Rwanda question

Good Morning Britain fans were baffled over a question Richard Madeley asked one of ITV’s reporters during the latest episode. The presenter and co-host Susanna Reid were back at the helm of the news programme on Wednesday (June 15).

They were discussing the latest developments in the Government’s plans to deport migrants to Rwanda. A plane due to take several individuals to the landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley of Central Africa was grounded on Tuesday night (June 14) after last-minute interventions by the European Court of Human Rights.

The ruling by the Strasbourg-based court was greeted with fury by Tory MPs, with fresh demands for the UK to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights. However, the government is said to be “highly confident” that the next deportation flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda will go ahead.

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During GMB today, Richard and Susanna spoke with ITV News’ UK editor Paul Brand who appeared via video link as he gave the latest update from Rwanda. Paul told them that he had spoken with some refugees from Libya who were concerned about their human rights.

Speaking about the refugee scheme, Paul said: “They resettle them in a camp about an hour north, actually of the capital, where I am right now, that’s been going on for several years.

“We visited that camp earlier this week and we saw the conditions there and spoke to refugees. The few that we were permitted to speak to said that they were happy there. But there are significant human rights concerns in this country which we have witnessed too.”

However, towards the end of the segment, Richard asked Paul a question which came under fire from viewers. “A really quick one, Paul again,” the 66-year-old said before asking: “A lot of people have been asking this actually online.

Paul Brand spoke to Susanna and Richard

“Is it very, very hot there? Is it very uncomfortable temperature-wise?” Paul laughed as he replied: “No, Richard,” before adding: “It’s an interesting question, but it’s not uncomfortable temperature-wise. It’s about 27 degrees. So, it’s a warm summer’s day in the United Kingdom.”

He continued: “It’s going to be hotter in the UK this week than it is here in Rwanda. And it’s not sort of oppressively humid here, it’s a tropical climate, it’s green as you can see, it’s not dry. It’s actually a very pleasant country to move around in.”

But GMB viewers were unimpressed and flocked to social media to comment. @uniquedollsUK fumed: “‘Is it hot in Rwanda?’ For f***s sake get this man off our screens!” @AlanPaddock4 complained: “#GMB His question on Rwanda is it hot there for f**k sake a 6-year-old wouldn’t ask that?”

@Imataxidriver said: “Richard Madeley on @GMB this morning asking all the important questions that everyone wants to know ‘is it hot out there in Rwanda’? #gmb.” @IanMcGillivra17 wrote: “Again Richard Madeley takes over interviews with stupid questions @susannareid100 jump in and shut him up #GMB.”