ITV Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley says he ‘will calm down’ after slamming fists on desk

Richard Madeley had to calm himself down live on Good Morning Britain as he returned for the first episode of the week. The presenter was back at the helm of the ITV news programme on Monday (June 20).

But he wasn’t joined by Susanna Reid as normal instead, he was hosting the show alongside Ranvir Singh. And the TV star, who often fills in as the main host as well as appearing to deliver the latest news headlines, soon had to deal with the anger of her co-host.

That’s because Richard, 66, fumed during a debate about students at the University of East Anglia being warned they may be upset by the 15th century story of St George and the Dragon. However, that isn’t all that got on Richard’s goat. It comes after the BBC flagged Silent Witness with guidance.

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The crime drama, first launched in 1996, has been whacked with a warning, saying it “contains some strong language, some violence and some upsetting scenes”.

Sharing his own annoyance at the change, Richard asked viewers: “Basic question for you, are you getting sick of the warning culture we seem to be drifting into in this country?” He went on to explain: “We were watching Silent Witness in our house last week.

“Silent Witness is all about murders and autopsies, grisly bits of evidence and lots of blood. We know that, it’s Silent Witness. It’s been on for years. They’re now putting a warning up in front of it saying be careful because there are some scenes some of you might find upsetting.'”

Richard had his say

The former This Morning star then startled his co-host as he slammed his fists on the desk and shouted: “Yes we know, it’s Silent Witness. Why do we have to be babied like this?”

After Ranvir, 44, asked if he was ok, Richard replied: “Sorry, I will calm down eventually.” And it appeared that some viewers disagreed with him. @AEO59152543 tweeted: “They have warnings because people complain….its just to pre empt backlash if people do get upset. Why is that an issue for you Richard??”

@Kezzer_Kez commented: “@GMB just putting it out there – I’ve never seen Silent Witness or Game of Thrones…I’m not exactly the type of person that needs a trigger warning – the Saw films are up there in my favourites but, you need the warning there for first time watchers. #GMB.”