ITV Love Island fans are not happy with Luca as they share Michael Owen theory

Love Island fans have flocked to Twitter with the same theory after Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma paired-up with fishmonger Luca Bish in the famous TV villa. Fans of the ITV dating show have noted that dressage rider Gemma has still yet to mention that the former Liverpool, Manchester United and England footballer is her father.

Last Thursday Luca, 23, confessed to Gemma, 19, that he had a crush on her as they took time out on the terrace in their first big chat of the series that kicked off on Monday June 6. He told her: “In all honesty, if I could switch beds tonight then I would.”

The pair went on to chat about whether Luca would fit in at home. And Gemma told him he would get on with her dad, without mentioning his name.

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“Because you’re sporty, you’re into footballer, you’re into racing. I think my dad would … I feel you’d have stuff in common with him,” she told Luca on the ITV2 dating contest.

Luca asked: “Would me and your dad go out and do things together or does he not get close like that?” And Gemma replied: “He was quite close to my first boyfriend and he appreciated a guy that’s into sport. I’ve heard you talking about football, about racing.”

Luca made his move on Gemma last week

“Yeah I enjoy playing football. I know what I’m talking about with football as well,” he confirmed. The following night a smitten Luca chose Gemma in the re-coupling episode, and many fans are convinced that he may already know who her father is.

@lxrissv tweeted: “Luca definitely knows she’s the daughter of Michael Owen.” @monicanen said: “Hear me out… Luca knows Gemma is Michael Owen’s daughter.”

@TT_Bobina said while watching last night’s episode: “Still think Luca knows who Gemma’s daddy is.” @hajamarie wrote: “100% Luca knows about Michael Owen.” @777_zxhr said: “I feel like Luca knows Gemma is Michael Owen’s daughter.” And @chelseajsomers wondered: “I’m not sure why, but I feel like Luca knows Michael Owen is Gemma’s dad.”

On Tuesday night (June 14) there was drama as Gemma made an awkward slip of the tongue over the arrival of her ex boyfriend Jacques O’Neill. Luca was not impressed when she accidentally called her current match Jacques’ name.

He was further rattled when the first person she spoke to after her mistake was Jacques who went to check that she was okay after her embarrassment. Viewers weren’t impressed as he walked off on his own after the blunder and Gemma pulled him aside for a chat to apologise.

A heated conversation followed as she told him: “Don’t roll your eyes at me and be a p***k. It was a genuine mistake, I’m sorry. There’s nothing more to it.”

@paul_y94 slammed: “Can’t believe I’m defending Gemma here, but that’s so easily done! Luca going off in a sulk, so immature!” @idk_kiayaaa tweeted: “Luca is so MOODY get him OUT.” And @earth_to_kels said: “Luca is being a moody teenager this week.”

But @GreatDidntAsk observed: “Gemma not taking the blame and arguing with Luca.” And @Daisy21041055 said: “Not Gemma trying to turn the blame onto Luca.”