ITV Love Island fans comment on Gemma Owen claim as they predict recoupling twist

Love Island fans were unhappy with Gemma Owen as she tried to put the blame on someone else after she was not picked for a date by one of the newcomers. During Wednesday night’s episode, fans of the ITV2 dating show finally got a full look at bombshells Jay Younger and Remi Lambert.

Things got off to a fiery start as the pair gatecrashed the Islander’s latest party. As they started to get to know the new boys, Jay, 28, said: “I’m not here to make friends, I’m not here for season of boyfriends,” to which Jacques O’Neill shot back: “What do you do then big boy?”

Jay told him he worked in finance before returning the question with Jacques replying, “Do ya? I’m a rugby player, lad.” The finance analyst didn’t miss an opportunity for a dig and responded: “You’re a bit small for a rugby player.” Unimpressed, Jacques shot back: “If you probably run at me, I’ll flatten ya.”

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The night soon came to an end and after a good night’s sleep it was time for Jay and Manchester model Remi to crack on in the Mallorcan villa. And like clockwork, the pair got a text. They were told they could each pick a trio of women to go on a date with, choosing who would cook them a starter, main, and dessert.

Jay chose Amber Beckford to cook his starter, Ekin-Su Culculoglu to prepare his main course and Tasha Ghouri for his dessert while Remi, 22, opted for a starter with Indiyah Polack, Paige Thorne to cook his main and Ekin-Su to prepare dessert. The rest of the boys then watched on from the terrace alongside Gemma who was the only girl not to be picked.

As they watched the girls prepare their meals, Andrew Le Page commented: “Gemma, you’re the only girl? Luca’s going to be buzzing.” Showing the dressage rider speaking the beach hut, Gemma stated: “I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t choose me to go on the dates because I haven’t had a conversation with any of them so far.”

Gemma blamed Luca for her not being picked

But she had earlier told the girls as they got ready for their dates: “I’m just not sure if Luca is in their ear saying like…” she then stopped as Tasha said: “Putting them off.” And Love Island viewers were quick to jump at the comment.

@lizzymckibbin tweeted: “Gemma can’t comprehend that she wasn’t picked so is blaming Luca oop #LoveIsland.” @Lydiax20298548 commented: “Not Gemma tryna blame Luca for why she wasn’t picked #loveIsland.” @gemmacaddell86 wrote: “Gemma is FUMING she didn’t get picked for date, trying to blame Luca and all #loveIsland.”

The night before the set of dates, Luca, 23, was forced to watch on as Gemma chatted with her ex. “Oh, Luca will be fuming,” she said as she caught a glimpse of the fishmonger walking past. Jaques reasoned: “When I talk to you to say how much of a good lad he is and how well you two get on, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.”

Gemma and Jacques had another private chat

They then went on to discuss the end of their relationship with Jacques commenting: “My head was a mess, man,” before adding: “And it’s never got back on.” Gemma then quizzed: “So, what about other girls, have you not had anything, like…just messing around or have you had anything serious?” to which he replied: “Nah, I was seeing a girl for a bit.”

“You’re not a straight-forward person, and you don’t suit a straight-forward girl,” she replied before telling him: “I feel like we need to move from this spot.”

And Love Island fans think a re-coupling twist could be on the way. @gyalfriend tweeted: “Jacques and Gemma will couple up #loveisland.” @ellegalle commented: “Yeah idk about u guys but if gemma and jacques couples up i wouldn’t be shocked #loveisland.” @_princessajala echoed: “Gemma and jacques are gonna couple up i can feel it #loveisland.”