ITV Love Island fans stunned by Ekin-Su demand after being distracted by Jay kissing scenes

Love Island viewers couldn’t believe Ekin Su’s brazen nature after she secretly kissed Jay. The Turkish actress has spent her time in the villa so far, after entering as a bombshell contestant, alongside Davide. However, a new arrival has turned her head.

Jay and Remi Lambert entered the villa as surprise arrivals at the end of Tuesday evening’s episode of the ITV2 dating show but it was only in the last couple of episodes that viewers have really got to see the pair on-screen as they ruffle plenty of feathers.

But things really took a turn during Thursday night’s episode (June 16) when Investment analyst Jay, 28, made his feelings clear to Ekin-Su, 27, who was soon reciprocating what the new boy was saying. “I’m more invested now in terms of verging on a romantic level… Because I think I’ve got enough from you now,” he told her.

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He added: “If you weren’t in a couple right now, I would probably try and kiss you,” to which Ekin-Su said: “I’ve tried to get this with Davide for days. You’ve come in here and I feel like I fancy someone, it just feels like it’s flowing without effort.”

Later, Ekin-Su summoned Jay to the terrace but made him follow her up a few minutes later to try and avoid suspicion. She then crawled along the floor of the terrace to remain out of sight from her fellow islanders, and most importantly Davide, before getting her potential new love interest to do the same.

The pair then shared a sneaky kiss before returning to be with their fellow singletons. However, Love Island viewers couldn’t believe what they were hearing when Ekin-Su demanded Davide make her some dinner, with him completely unaware of her kissing antics. “I’m hungry Davide, make me some food,” she brazenly asked her current partner.

Jay and Ekin-Su shared two secret liasons

Taking to Twitter, @versacethefirst said: “The cheek of this Ekin su asking her seconds to make dinner #LoveIsland.” @afsarnarrr commented: “No but how did Ekin Su kiss Jay behind Davide’s back then ask Davide for dinner.” @teeleaf__ tweeted: “Asking your man to make you dinner after lipsing your side she’s insane and I love it #LoveIsland.”

@_ciceroo__ shared: “Ekin-su is my favorite villain bc she’s coming from her side ting and asking her main for dinner #LoveIsland.” @MissVeeDeeBee added: “Ekin-su asked Davide to make her dinner after she’s just lipsed another guy. Nah she’s something else #LoveIsland.”

Ekin-Su crawled across the terrace floor

But many Love Island fans were also very distracted by Ekin-Su’s power. @KellyStroebs tweeted: “Ekin-Su is chaotic, bold, unapologetic and messy, she’s EVERYTHING we need. The terrace crawl is a move to go down in history. #LoveIsland.” @WinifredOkocha wrote: “Both apparently nearly 30 but feel the need to crawl around the premises… childish #LoveIsland.”

@holly_saunders_ commented: “Ekin-Su is so powerful how has she successfully got a sneaky link in the villa and got him to basically crawl to her #loveisland.” @joerowlands90 added: “Ekin-Su – “I like that Jay’s 28 and he’s mature” Also Ekin-Su – “crawl so they can’t see you” #LoveIsland.”