ITV This Morning in viewer divide as Gyles Brandreth defends Prince William over ‘ironic’ move

This Morning viewers were left divided as Gyle Brandreth sprang to Prince William’s defence. The Celebrity Gogglebox star and former politician was back on the ITV daytime show on Tuesday (June 21) with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

As ever, he was on hand to discuss the latest news headline in the ‘This Morning’s View’ segment and was joined to discuss the biggest news stories on the famous sofa by Beverly Turner. And among the topics of conversation was the Duke of Cambridge who is celebrating his 40th birthday today.

To mark the occasion, pictures of the duke were released alongside a Big Issue seller. He was pictured with his arm on the shoulder of 60-year-old Dave Martin, who took William under his wing earlier this month and showed him how to sell the magazine which gives an income to the homeless.

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He set out his key birthday as a turning point, pledging more help for those who are struggling. He vowed to continue to raise the issue of homelessness in an article for the Big Issue and added: “And in the years ahead, I hope to bring George, Charlotte and Louis to see the fantastic organisations doing inspiring work to support those most in need – just as my mother did for me.”

Opening the conversation about his stint as a Big Issue seller alongside his milestone birthday, Beverly said on This Morning: “It’s a bit ironic to have [Prince William] who could house all the homeless in London in Buckingham Palace alone promoting The Big Issue.” She then added: “I don’t mean that to sound anti-royalist.”

Beverly joined Gyles on the famous sofa

But host Holly, 41, interjected: “But he’s using his platform for something really important.” Gyles then questioned his fellow guest: “What are you offering instead?” to which Beverly replied: “I don’t know,” Beverly admitted. “I don’t do the royal PR it would take a lot longer to sit down and [think of a charity].

“But there are charities, there are cancer charities I just think it’s a really strange charity to align yourself to when you have dozens of houses.” Gyles disagreed, commenting: “I think it’s a great choice because people who sell The Big Issue have to pay for the magazine first…”

Gyles didn’t agree with Beverly

Beverly, however, interrupted and said: “It’s a great charity don’t get me wrong.” Gyles responded: “It’s a great charity to support and I think he’s a good guy for supporting it.”

But Beverly continued to argue: “I think it’s a strange choice of charity, when we think of Prince William we think of massive houses,” as Gyles hit back: “Oh come on you can’t have it both ways.”

Prince William was pictured selling the Big Issue in photos released for his 40th birthday

Beverly said: “Maybe I’ve reached peak cynicism. I’d rather have this than a staged photo with the family but…” Gyles interjected and continued to press Beverly on what she’d have had him do instead and said: “Hold on you can’t have it both ways, you can’t sit there for 10 minutes and say, ‘Let’s care for individuals and the working person’ and then when someone does care for individuals criticise them just because he’s a Prince.”

“It’s not his fault [the way] the whole system is run and they live [in a Palace],” Gyles added to which Beverly replied: “Don’t get me wrong, I like Prince William. I think him and Kate – the Royal Family are in very safe hands.” But Gyles did end on a comical note when he said: “I know what my wife would have liked one with him 20 years when there was hair,” referring to what photo we should have seen to mark William’s 40th.

Holly and Phil listened to the pair

But the argument also caused a divide among This Morning viewers. @70sStreetFan said: “Gyles going crazy when Beverley Turner makes a perfectly valid point about the irony of Prince William promoting The Big Issue…#ThisMorning.” @ChronicallyKiki argued: “Shut up and let Beverly finish, Gyles. She’s absolutely spot on here. Prince William could fund homes for all the homeless and still be no worse off.”

@LelJoyce, however, argued: “Oh for god’s sake Beverley, Prince William learnt everything he needs to know about charities from his mother. She would be delighted he was out there selling The Big Issue which supports homeless people. Give him a bloody break!! #ThisMorning.” @gosforth_mummy shared: “Tbf William can supports which ever charity he wants – we all can. It is a bit ironic when he has at least 3 homes – but it’s a bit wrong to say one charity is better than another #thismorning.”