Kate Garraway ’embarrassed’ as Ben Shephard blames her for mayhem moments into ITV’s GMB

Ben Shephard was quick to blame co-host Kate Garraway as Good Morning Britain descended into ‘mayhem’ moments in.

The presenters were back fronting the ITV news programme on Friday.

But they were only minutes into the show when the wheels began to fall off.

As Ben was talking he suddenly stopped and said: “That’s Kate’s phone,” as he heard a noise coming from under a pile of papers.

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“It can’t be,” she exclaimed as she rushed to find it.

“It’s not my phone,” she said as she moved around her seat as Ben pointed out: “You’re sat on it.”

Kate replied: “That’s really awkward,” as Ben asked: “Is that the alarm to wake you up?”

The hosts fell into laughter as well as their panel of guests and co-stars.

With Kate confused as to how the blunder happened, she jokingly screeched: “There’s somewhere I need to be! It’s 6.34.”

Ben poked fun at his co-host

“That’s the Cop climate crisis alarm,” Ben added as he tried to bring the conversation back on course.

But five minutes later the alarm went off again.

“Oh for goodness sake, I’m really sorry. What the hell is going on?” she said slightly red-faced.

Ben, 46, then joked: “If there’s someone technologically capable of turning Kate’s phone off, that would be very helpful.”

“Shall we just remove it from the studio? How many alarms have I set?” she asked.

Kate was baffled

“I’m blaming the kids! There was another one at 6:45am.”

She screamed: “My kids set the alarm!” and: “Shall we just take the phone off set?”

A member of the crew then walked into view whilst Kate frantically tried to stop her phone from going off again.

“You really should be somewhere Kate Garraway,” Ben laughed as she replied: “They’re all off now. They’re all off now. They’re all off now.

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“That could be our producer calling to say, ‘That’s enough of this one, let’s move on to the next,'” Ben joked as Kate replied: “That’s the way they now get us to move on.”

Later, Ben continued to poke fun at Kate by claiming her phone always goes off in the studio.

Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on GMB

“I’m slightly worried because Darcey [her daughter] has the same colour phone and it could be her alarm for school, so now she could have overslept,” the mum-of-two worried.

GMB also tweeted a clip of the first incident, commenting: “‘@kategarraway your phone’s going off!’

“‘There’s somewhere I need to be!’ Only four minutes in and it’s mayhem.”

But most viewers had a laugh at Kate’s blunders and shared their own stories about the innaporioate times their phones also went off.

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