Kate Garraway tells GMB guest to ‘bear with me’ as she’s interrupted during debate

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Kate Garraway stopped to ask a guest to ‘bear with her’ as she returned to Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

The TV presenter was back at the helm of the ITV news programme alongside Ben Shephard.

At the start of the show, the presenters were joined by former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika to discuss the latest news headlines.

This included the sentencing of Wayne Couzens over the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, the latest from the Labour Party Conference and the announcement from the government that it is launching a £500 million support plan for vulnerable households this winter.

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But the tension between Kate and Ayesha came as they discussed Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s speech yesterday.

Kate asked: “But did he connect? My impression was he was sort of talking to the party really rather than…”

But before she had finished, Ayesha said: “I think he was…”

Kate then tried to carry on: “Because rather than…”

Ayesha was interrupting to Kate

The 54-year-old then turned to Ayesha who was continuing to cut in and said: “Sorry, I know my questions are long but I’m going to get to it.”

She asked: “Bear with me, one minute.”

Sir Keir later appeared on GMB to talk to Kate and Ben about his first Labour Party Conference.

Kate put her earlier point to him, commenting: “You’re talking to your party at a live audience but there are also cameras on you aren’t there beaming you to the voters you want to win over.

They were discussing the latest news headlines

“And I just wonder if there was a moment missed in terms of emotional connection with those voters.”

She then reeled off the various crises the country is facing – from fuel to health – before adding: “Boris Johnson isn’t just a showman he has got another trick in the bag.

“We hear this morning that we’ve got this new household support fund £500million to help vulnerable families.

“That sounds like they’ve pulled something out the bag. We didn’t hear anything clear for voters on all those issues from you yesterday…”

Sir Kier argued: “Well what I was setting out yesterday was why I fundamentally believe Labour should be the party of working people, why I fundamentally believe in key things like every child should leave school ready for life, ready for work and that doesn’t happen.”

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