Kerry Katona unveils ‘brand new face’ after going to Alderley Edge to get Botox and fat frozen from her chin

Kerry Katona has a ‘brand new face’ after having fat frozen from her chin and Botox at a clinic in Alderley Edge.

The TV personality, at the age of 41, wanted to undergo the procedures to give her appearance some ‘tweaks’.

She filmed her visit to the Dr. Nyla Raja Cosmetic Clinic for her YouTube channel, taking viewers through the process.

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Speaking into the camera, the former Atomic Kitten star says she gets criticised for not being a role model for young girls.

She said: “People say you’re not being a role model to young girls, but I’m a 41-year-old woman, and believe me when you get to a certain age, and have the opportunity to go and get something tweaked, and make you feel better in your self-confidence…

“I would never encourage someone who is 18 to do this, I’m a grown woman… I want to get rid of the fat underneath my chin, no matter what exercise I do or eating habits, that’s not going to go.

“If I can do something to get rid of it, I will have it done, and it’s that simple.”

Kerry says she wanted her face tweaking for a more youthful appearance

The therapist then explains to Kerry how Cool Sculpting will work to remove her double chin.

The fat is frozen to -11C, where it then turns into crystals and comes out of the lymphatic system, she says.

The procedure is permanent, where they say 30 per cent of the fat will disappear.

Kerry then gets strapped down to the chair with her head secured in blue brace.

Kerry after the Cool Sculpting procedure

Once finished, the camera shows the mum-of-five checking out her new contoured chin in the mirror.

Back in the reception area, Kerry, who is no stranger to going under the knife and in September unveiled her new breasts after undergoing a four-hour reduction surgery, says being at the clinic is like being in a “candy shop”.

“It’s really addictive,” she added.

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The video then follows Kerry into another treatment room for Botox, where she hums to herself to help with the pain of the needles piercing the skin on her forehead.

Speaking to the therapists, she says: “You get to a certain age and you want to look – it’s like when you get your car fixed, you want fine-tuning.”

Once her procedures were completed, the reality star added: “I’ve got no chins, I’m looking amazing

“I’ve got a brand new face.”